Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park

This fun and sexy comedy tells a timelessly entertaining story where wealthy, secret passions and mischievous women put love to the test.. When a spirited young woman, Fanny Price, is sent away to live on the great country estate of her rich cousins, she's meant to learn the ways of proper society. But while Fanny learns "their" ways, she also enlightens them with a wit and sparkle all her own!

At 10, Fanny Price, a poor relation, goes to live at Mansfield Park, the estate of her aunt's husband, Sir Thomas. She is treated unfavorably by her relatives, except for her cousin Edmund, whom she grows fond of. However, Fanny's life is thrown into disarray with the arrival of worldly Mary Crawford and her brother Henry. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paula L (au) wrote: Love appears where you least expect

Carmelo H (gb) wrote: Otra pelcula de adolescentes perseguidos y masacrados por una entidad "sobrenatural". No puedo creer que an haya un mercado para estos bodrios, un sinsentido de principio a fin. No pierdan su tiempo.

Kyonna G (gb) wrote: i love this movie! ;p

Kenneth L (br) wrote: This is a very low-budget 80s sci-fi flick that I absolutely love. Most people would dismiss it (with good reason), but I loved it as a kid and still enjoyed it as an adult. Admittedly, most of my enjoyment of this film is based on nothing more than nostalgia.

Orlok W (kr) wrote: Early Goldie, early Spielberg, both first-rate--Spielberg's first feature is a Wonderful tragic-comedy that delivers what it proposes!!

Anna L (de) wrote: Helluva performance from Lemmon.

David P (fr) wrote: While the mechanics of this production are obsolete, the acting, storyline and logic of this production is classic! Eric Braeden is smooth as Dr Forbin. Gordon Pinsent and William Schallert round out an all star sci-fi cast. Many of them you will recognize. The question is this: Is freedom an illusion and would we be better off with a benevolent dictatorship who rules the globe and promises peace?

Dustin G (gb) wrote: Brutal, intense, graphic, gritty, beautiful, poignant, sad, fantastic.