Doodslag (Dutch for "Manslaughter") is the story of Max, a paramedic who is repeatedly hindered in performing his duties by loutish behaviour. As his ambulance hurries towards a complicated childbirth, some youths prevent Max from reaching the distressed woman in labour. Spurred on by the emergency and the incendiary words of a TV pundit, he reaches a boiling point and forcefully hits one of the men obstructing his ambulance. Max's strike has far-reaching, unintended consequences.

Max's ambulance is being held up by a small gang whose friend has a minor injury. Max, on his way to a woman who is giving birth with complications, hits a boy trying to unblock the road. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rangan R (ru) wrote: Assassinating the nazi general was their mission, but it initiated the resistance.Honestly, I thought it was some science fiction film. The title sounded like one, so I had to google for its definition. This is an assassination theme, that sets in the early 40s in the Czechoslovakia. The early days of the world war two, where the exile soldiers were sent to eliminate the nazi general Reinhard Heydrich, who was handling the Czechoslovakian affairs. From theirs preparation to the plan execution and the outcome of the result was what this film reveals for us.A war film, that too was based on the real, especially the WWII means no need to say how powerful it would be. This was directed by the 'Metro Manila' filmmaker. An internationally produced film, but the cast does not have any big names. I mean Jamie Dornan and Cillian Murphy are not globally recognised, particularly when it comes to the film marketing. So it stumbled at the box office. I liked them both and the others as well. The film was not bad as criticised by the film critics. I would say make your own call after watching it.It was so neat and clean on what it dealt with. The issue with it was too much blank space and then in the mid part where the assassination happened, the film came alive. Again towards the final, the pace gone up and finished strongly. So I think overall length should have been trimmed for a better narration/result. Not for me, I liked as it is now, but some viewers think it is a draggy.Small budget film, but worth a watch. Because the production quality was great, no compromise on visuals or the settings, but most of them were shot in the real locations to give us the real effect. Definitely one of the best film among WWII related theme. Anyway, this is not a war film, but very much similar to the recent Korean film 'Assassination' about killing the Japanese general. Films like this are must see, because it reveals how much the people, the society and the nation struggled under the nazi atrocities. Surely recommended!8/10

Ed C (fr) wrote: One line summary: Boring screenplay leads slowly to a pointless conclusion.----------------------------- Five young men (not teenagers) get together for a retreat in the woods. It's in snow country, and there is a lot of snow. That's good for snowball fights, snow angels, yelling for the sake of yelling, and yellow snow. Okay, so they are older, bigger, stronger, and more accomplished than teens, but still exhibit some of the same behaviours. Tyler is mentally disturbed, in that he witnessed his mother die from overdose, and just might have had something to do with the dying part. Then he spent time in a mental institution to deal with it. Nice beginning, I suppose, but it casts doubt on all that follows. Are the proceedings supernatural, or is the whole film just about the extended delusions of an unbalanced mind? Is the film supernatural horror or psychological drama? Sigh. Tyler makes a big deal of going away from the others to spread his mother's ashes in a spot nearby that was of some significance. He chats about it when he gets back. Is he OK? Is he OK to drink alcohol? Jim figures he's 'shooting blanks;' that is, does not have viable seed. He's trying to figure out how to tell his wife. Bobcat has lost his hair, but gained a lot of kids, and likes to play recorded football games. Everett and Chris both play guitar. They catch up through talking. This is all rather dull through the first 36 minutes. Then the weirdness and SFX start up. Of course Tyler witnesses it first; he's the least likely to be believed. He sees bright light in the middle of darkness, and sees an odd being who looks just like his dead mother. Tyler confides in Chris, who promises to go with him in daylight. There is a bit of transition, but the other four witness what Tyler experienced. Together they set about exploring it. Driving a snowmobile through it does not work; the motor stopped. Their telephones do not work. All of them feel great, but they all start having nosebleeds. Everett stays; he wants to experience more right away. The others decide to go back to the cabin. They try to figure out how to monetize it. Not surprisingly, they start having contentious exchanges; the possibility of huge amounts of mostly free money seems to open their ability to irritate each other. Everett meets Lee Shephard in the woods; Lee offers to help fix the non-functional snowmobile...then he witnesses the corridor of lights. Lee takes to it quicker than all the others. Everett notices this and garrotes him. Their behaviour continues to become more weird. Tyler starts to look like the most sane one of the bunch. The corridor expands to the cabin. Will the friends survive this experience?-------Scores------- Cinematography: 6/10 Handheld camera for some sections, uninspiring for the others. Sound: 8/10 Mostly good. Acting: 6/10 Competent, but not engaging. The actors were good soldiers. Unfortunately, the best actor by far, Nigel Bennett, had very little screen time. Screenplay: 0/10 Pointless.

Alan D (nl) wrote: It was an interesting concept for a movie, but it could have been executed better. While you have interesting footage of the Steinway factory, they never go beyond the novelty of "this is a hand-made piano" to really capture the soul of a the piano to show "why" the attention to detail translates into a better instrument.

Nate J (ag) wrote: Not quite as good as his previous two, but hard hitting none-the-less

Soufiane E (kr) wrote: A journey of initiation into the source of creation , the nature which has for sculptor Mr Andy Goldsworthy ... to meditate

Rob D (au) wrote: Nice afternoon movie

Marita D (us) wrote: This movie might be a bit dated now. Yet it's still entertaining. " I enjoy being a girl" & "The other generation" are still my favorites. I just wish they would take out the 15 min dance sequence, that adds nothing to the story.

Mads W (ru) wrote: If they did not fight in the end i would have give this movie only 1 star!

Arseniy V (us) wrote: About three quarters of the way in, I was left with little faith that Trier will be able to make much more of this than a glorified Twilight Zone episode. And even in retrospect, some aspects of this film are indeed lacking (e.g. the sailor ingredient). Ultimately however, between Watson's marvelous performance and that ending - alone - the film does manage a rather powerful resonance. As does my having unexpectedly rediscoved Cartlidge's very specific type of magic and the distinct lack thereof owed to her early departure.

Jim S (ru) wrote: It somehow seems appropriate that a Christian story from the Bible should be adapted into a cheesy horror flick. I gave it an extra star for some effective visuals and decent performances. By the way, I am NOT a Christian nor do I believe in the Bibles fairy tales.

Asa B (kr) wrote: I watched two random films today and they both starred Miranda Richardson... bizarre. Anyway, this is an interesting adaptation of Robert Harris' book and it is certainly cast well, especially Rutger Hauer - he doesn't get the respect he truly deserves.