Police lieutenant detective Thomas 'Thom' Randall's steady girl-friend, Dr. Jennifer 'Jen' Allen, is Dr. Aaron Michaels's main assistant on his pharmaceutical firm Bellion's research program to cure the highly contagious, fatal infection Guinin. A convicted murderer, whom Thom arrested, is one of their special drug test subjects, but escapes. The convict and Jen are affected by radioactively altered DNA from an experimental reactor used on mosquitoes which transfer quinine. The convict soon mutates into a mosquito-like monster, which sucks its victims dry. By the time Thom and his junior murder brigade partner Charlie Morrison figure out what happens, Jen starts mutating herself.

A scientist and her subject turn into mutant insects. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Mansquito torrent reviews

B C (ag) wrote: The original was much better. The songs are not the same and the voice acting is far inferior.

Ben H (mx) wrote: Even with all the car wrecks and stunts couldn't save this movie from mediocrity. While is isn't a total car wreck(no pun intended) i found it rather lifeless and dull. Sudden Death was a better Jean-Claude Van Damme movie

Ashley H (de) wrote: For the Boys is a disappoint film. It is about Dixie Leonard who reunites with Eddie Sparks for one final show. Bette Midler and James Caan give horrible performances. The screenplay is badly written. Mark Rydell did a horrible job directing this movie. I was not impressed with this motion picture.

Dennis G (ru) wrote: Awesome cheesy scifi flick. Seriously looks like it was made in the seventies. Seeing the chick gag on her cigarette was one of the funniest moments for some reason.

Zeti L (fr) wrote: There's this channel on TV who usually show this movie when we were kids. My brother had this huge crush on Emmanuelle Beart so my siblings and I would gather around the TV and watch this everytime it's shown. This film made me love 80's movies.

Dave H (fr) wrote: need to see all the carry on films still.

Jo Y (fr) wrote: Errol Flynn is reallly goood

Jenny L (de) wrote: From the opening scene the movie caught my eye with the very aesthetic of the filmography. The grainy filter and the very grim tone automatically drew me in and quite easily set the mood for the entire movie. But this movie doesn't just appeal to your eyes, it appeals to your emotions and opens up feelings inside of you that you might not know you even had. The Snowtown Murders will kill a part of you, whether it's your innocence or your peace of mind, almost as easily as John Bunting takes down pedophiles and homosexuals throughout the movies entirety.Though some scenes were (very) hard to stomach, I also found it difficult to take my eyes off the screen. So much of me longed to know what was going to happen next, no matter how unnerving the scenes became. Not knowing if a gun was going to be fired, all the way to hearing the sickening tear of a man's toenail being ripped off as he's being tortured in a bathroom. These scenes drove the plot forward, doing exactly what they were made to do; depict the real life murder scenes in order to generate shock, discomfort, and stir up intense emotions deep inside of viewers. Now, as I didn't long for more gruesome scenes, I was left wishing there had been more character development. There were no straightforward insights as to what is going on inside any of the character's heads, rather we are left to rely on subtext to answer our questions. I found myself wanting to know what was going on inside Jamie's head on a consistent basis. I spent the entire movie feeling a variety of emotions towards him. One can't help but feel bad for the boy who is manipulated into killing by his newfound "father-figure" after being sexually exploited by his mother's old boyfriend and later raped by his own brother, and you want to comfort him, yet run away at the same time. This movie won't get your adrenaline pumping with jump scares every few seconds, but it will leave you feeling uneasy with a chill down your spine. It will leave you wanting more, but also wanting so much less at the same time. One thing that I know for certain after watching this is that the very profound thought that monsters are real and are among us every day of our lives disguised as normal people, is very real.

Waleed A (ag) wrote: worst movie ever. terrible and eventually laughable. critic reviews make no sense. this movie was straight garbage. i almost stopped it after 20 minutes. made me wonder why i would've added this.... because the trailer is awesome and you can make an awesome trailer out of a terrible movie (1 viewing)

Umy B (au) wrote: Spalding Gray + Steven Soderbergh. Why not?