About a boy, Azman who stumbles upon a nano-tech glove which can transform his motorbike into body armor. The technology was designed by Dr.Natasya Irina Pushkin, a scientist at the Western Tech. Corporation. However, when she realizes that her creation will be used by a man with the power to destroy the world, she is determined to sabotage it.

Sam Weston, the owner of Weston Technologies is furious over the security breach in his Research Lab. The prototype of his latest weapon system "Mantera" or MAN - Transformable Exo-Robotic ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amilcar A (ru) wrote: This documentary reminded me of the first time I watched Love and Death from Woody Allen with a bunch of Gentiles. They didn't get it and I would have expected they wouldn't get this either.There is something about growing up Jewish, even if very loosely and liberally like I did that just allows you to get it. This It, is indescribable to most people, particularly if you've never seen your Bubbe and her friends eat soup or brutally complain about having run out of soda water.When Jews Were Funny is supposed to be a documentary about comedy but it's really a reflection on modern Judaism. It's excellently made, it has amazing interviews and the conclusions are hilarious. Obviously this is not a film for everyone or for that matter, anyone. However if you are part of the tribe, you should watch it.

Megan G (ag) wrote: This is a MUST WATCH documentary! So important- I don't think many people realize how much we are in a global water crisis. Really eye-opening but also just a really well done film. This film looks at areas around the world that are going through a water crisis now, like California and Australia (10 year drought!), as well as what are our options- recycling water from waste (perfectly sanitary-they do it in Singapore now). We can't reverse climate change, but we can do things now to help the water crisis that is happening now.

Brandon W (au) wrote: I watched Arbitrage before watching the trailer, so I didn't know what it was going to happen. In the beginning, I wasn't getting happy about it as I thought that it is going to be a clich affair movie. But then the car crash came in which surprised me and I never seen this before and got me invested. With knowing about Richard Gere's character, I should hate him for what he has done to himself and his family, but the actor plays it very emotionally and convincing that I was starting to feel sorry for him. The acting is great, the plot is really good, and it's really clever. There's some moments that I got laughs from, but I don't know if they were intentional or not. There's a problem that I did have that's a bit close to the ending of the movie which made it too easy, even though the ending itself did made it better a bit. Arbitrage is an amazing movie that really keeps you interested to see what's going to happen next.

Sarah E (br) wrote: Sam Neill is such a blessing. The man can suspend my disbelief like nobody's business, making even the most preposterous dialogue sound legitimate and the most inane of plots as coherent as a manual. So even though he can't save Under the Mountain from sucking as much as it does, Neill does warrant a verbal pat on the back for giving the movie some shred of credibility, no matter how eensy-weensy that shred might be. Neill plays some kind of magical being known as a Fire Raiser in this movie, and he calls himself Mr. Jones. He recruits fraternal twins Rachal and Theo to stop an evil legion of parasitic, shape-shifting slug creatures and save the world. Did I mention the twins have psychic powers? Well, they do, for reasons that Neill surmises in his perfectly frank way as twin-ness, a term that required all of Neill's abilities as a performer to make convincing, the fact that it describes psychic abilities that only appear when it's convenient for the plot notwithstanding. There is some fun to be had in this movie, I suppose. Neill is far too serious though, for all the good that he does. Having watched through a number of his older films recently, Neill's really at his best when he's deranged, psychotic, and eccentric. His Mr. Jones could have been loads more fun if he tore his own eyeballs out and threatened the children with a Bosch-inspired Hell know, if a G-rated approximation of that existed. Speaking of the children, Cameron Thomas and Sophie McBride are shockingly little to do in this movie. Not that they could handle playing fully realized characters, but having Thomas sneer and whine about being mommy-less and McBride cowering uselessly at the slightest provocation really makes for a dreary retelling of what could have been a fun fantasy feature.

John B (fr) wrote: Found out after wasting my money on a rental that I actually had already seen this film during the Film Festival. It is a wonderful concept and it is well executed. Good on you Turkish film industry!

Adam U (nl) wrote: I actually thought it was well done , Jaime King and Laura Prepon were fantastic ? i dont know what people expected . Its better then Van Wilder and Van was a great movie .

Sarah M (mx) wrote: beautiful and sad...

Augustine H (br) wrote: Isabelle Adjani is always great to play highly obsessive and hysterical lady.

Carlos M (jp) wrote: It takes too long for things to start to finally happen in this dull precursor of Jurassic Park (although everything is quite predictable right from the beginning), with also a glaring problem of focus and terrible pacing and editing, but Yul Brynner looks cool as a killing robot-cowboy.

Anna B (de) wrote: My oldest daughter and I love all of the Thin Man movies.

Gene R (it) wrote: Fun but very forgettable.

Campbell P (de) wrote: They Came Together is a spoof on romantic comedies by the people who made Wet Hot American Summer which in my opinion is a more fun movie. This film follows Joel and Molly and how their relationship together goes up and down and how they became a married couple. Throughout the movie the writers beat on your head that their story is like a corny romantic comedy and it just doesn't hide the fact that they made a romantic comedy. I would consider calling this a parody movie if it was a lot funnier than it actually is. They Came Together is funny, don't get me wrong, but if they were gonna say it's like any other romcom they could've built into that premise so much further and made it hilarious. The whole plot is very messy throughout this entire film. At one point it focuses on the candy store, then their relationship then doing things that never come back in the story again like meeting Molly's parents, it hardly had anything to do with the story. I'd be lying if I said that this film didn't make me laugh because I laughed out loud more than once but there wasn't enough of that. I wouldn't mind having more jokes like Joel saying "you can say that again" and stuff like that. The acting by the leads Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler were good but kind of forgettable and unmemorable. The main problem is that to me it's very forgettable and that's because it just wasn't funny enough and didn't have a great story since its like "a corny romantic comedy". I was kind of disappointed by They Came Together but there's a few laugh out loud scenes that made me enjoy myself at parts. C-

Night S (fr) wrote: Total waste of time. Zero stars.