Aarumugam makes a blazing entrance, gatecrashing a marriage to abduct the bride. Geetha, the bride's friend, gets him arrested but then learns that he had rescued the girl from a forced ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:Tamil
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Mappilai 1989 full movies, Mappilai torrents movie

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Mappilai torrent reviews

Dario D (it) wrote: finisci il film e sei contento di quanto cazzo sia lento

Jon K (br) wrote: Good soundtrack. Bad movie.

Matthew K (kr) wrote: It has an exciting premise, but Jumper squanders it's potential with bland characters that lack depth and uninteresting action sequences. There's nothing to see here.

Risya H (mx) wrote: Joy Division fans will likely enjoy this, as I did,.. while those who isn't a fan already might find this a little bit unappealing. I appreciate the included video footage although it lack the quality given of what is available. The documentary is quite informative and provides excellent insight by those privileged enough to have known the band. I love the editing techniques and the abstract visuals to keep things interesting, without getting too artsy or defeating the purpose. However, this documentary didn't go that far beyond the context of the group or the music scene at the time.

Alexandra O (au) wrote: The best part of this movie is the end. The fairy tale plays out happily ever after. Not a terrible movie but one I will not watch again. Pre-teen girls everywhere would love this movie.

Jason R (es) wrote: Truthful and erotic; unfortunately, it's about as predictable and uninspired as movies come.

Raji K (gb) wrote: Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau star in the holiday comedy Grumpy Old Men. The two characters have been friends since 10, but eventually became rivals after they both fought over the same woman. History is ready to repeat it self with a new bombshell Ariel (Ann-Margret) moves across the street. Grumpy Old Men is not without flaws, and includes a questionable timeline of events, but was a decent lighthearted comedy with some character.

AVIS B (ru) wrote: My Most favorite Native Movie

Lok N (ag) wrote: The man who love what his love

darth v (gb) wrote: This was an unexpectedly suspenseful and entertaining flick. There are several twists in the end including a very short scene of human cruelty towards an alien. You'll be glad all the scientists got what they deserved by the end of the movie. It's kind of like "Species", but spookier and without the xenomorphic killing aspect.

Noname (ag) wrote: Hard to rate this one , it was a decent movie but confusing sometimes and the end im not sure if i understood. Sandra Bullock did a good job tho and overall a well made movie i guess..

Robin v (jp) wrote: as a rule, I like classics remade in a modern setting, but after the hype I was disappointed. the fact that it won the Oscar for best foreign film of its year makes me wonder about the competition!

Leyah N (mx) wrote: I love the concept of it.

Leon B (es) wrote: Poor excuse for a movie. Nothing worse than 3 high school nerds that want to be hard men. The story doesn't make any sense, there was stupid lines that and scenes that made me cringe throughout the movie.

Riham H (us) wrote: Breath taking performance from Kingsley as usual.

Vega F (kr) wrote: A childhood favorite. Haven't seen it since so I'm rating it based on my perception back then.