Mar Jawan Gur Khake

Mar Jawan Gur Khake

Text " Plot Edit Jimmy (Jimmy Sharma) and Rocky (Tarun Khanna) are two enemies who are involved in fights/brawls daily. They both fall in love with Mahek (Gunjan Walia) who is already in ...

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Mar Jawan Gur Khake torrent reviews

Magnus S (kr) wrote: A harmless but below average comedy.

Dino K (ru) wrote: The cinematography, the music, the film. Beautiful.

Fabio R (mx) wrote: You can find better directors on Youporn

Kenne M (br) wrote: the the greatest instrument of all.

Mohammed A (fr) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Max K (ca) wrote: Looks like a pretty moving flick.

Nancy A (br) wrote: Billy Bob is always worth watching. This movie is no exception. Convincing acting with an authentic sound track.

Eric R (br) wrote: Track 29 is one of those films that's approach is semi-flawed but it's ideals are so interesting and fun that the faults slowly disappear from memory. Theresa Russell stars as Linda, the depressed wife of a doctor, who we come to learn is deeply emotionally damaged because of an event in her past. The film revolves around a relationship between Linda and Martin (Gary Oldman), a stranger, who claims to be her long lost son. What starts out as a story about a loveless marriage and hints of a sort of forbidden love turns into a surreal trip about maternal obsession as Linda instantly finds a purpose again in Martin. Roeg never really states what is real or imaginary in this landscape early on, rather opting to let the viewer fall into this strange world. Gary Oldman is great as Martin, balancing this child-like exuberance with this mysterious, off-putting sense of potential danger. It's a loaded film which touches on Oedipal issues, insanity, maternity and depression. While it's not perfect by any means, its a wild, inventive film by Roeg, which never gets too overloaded in its themes thanks to it's oddness and fun tone.

Nathan N (ca) wrote: It was alright and the music was cool but whats the point?

Lo (ag) wrote: this was pretty bad. the plot was semi-interesting but confusing & the actors couldn't pull it off. too many stupid rappers in this movie.

Ryan B (br) wrote: Classic film which i remember watching whilst at my nans house a youngster. A great film which has some good gaffs and a generally feel good story.

FilmGrinder S (ag) wrote: 52% This shoddy blaxplotation flick is pure grindhouse trash, leaving a black mark on Frankenstein's good name. It's right up there with Al Adamson's movies, though it did have a good score/soundtrack. "The old scam...patriotism!"-Hospital Attendent (John Dennis)

Vincent H (mx) wrote: I don't know why I didn't love it the way I do the play.... perhaps it's because I do know the play so well! Redford seemed to be playing the "stuffed shirt" to a tee but almost too to a tee, that all his jokes seemed to land flat....

Kenichiro F (ca) wrote: '?,?? (R)???,'????,??,?? (R)'?,?? (R)????,?????,

Ice R (ru) wrote: Very good old movie.

Alex B (ca) wrote: Worst Zombie movie ever after The Zombie Diaries, rented it with cover of Ab Lincoln Vampire Hunter.

Dougal S (jp) wrote: What do you do if your abusive mother (who you still live with in a big old house) suddenly dies when you're at work? Well Donny takes the opportunity to jump on the furniture, play disco records really loud... and kidnap women, chain them up and burn them alive with a flame-thrower!This is another of the DPP's list of video nasties ticked off my watch pile and was pulled from the video shop shelves due to it's grim portrayal of a demented sociopath and it's unflinching portrayal of his descent into madness. Although not particularly violent (there's only really one murder shown on screen) it's general air of vicious nihilism no doubt perturbed the censors in the same vein as 'House by the Edge of the Park' and 'Last House on the Left'. But while those films are grim 'rape-revenge' flicks that seek to question morality, Joseph Ellison's film owes more to the likes of 'Psycho' and 'Driller Killer' with the main protagonist driven to a killing spree to escape the voices in his head.Rest assured there is no respite from the disturbing sequence of events aside from maybe the unintentionally dreadful disco scene which owes more to a change in fashion than to any failings on the film maker's part. For once in a film of this type there is a proper sense of cinematography with some quite inventive shots, setting it apart from the point and talk type direction that marks some of it's peers. It does seek to focus more on the psychological drama rather than lingering salaciously over the carnage that it dolls out. Where it falls down are in the dream and hallucination sequences when the burned women return to life to haunt their killer only to look like a half hearted bunch of zombies that have escaped from a pretty poor Fulci film on the next lot.This is not a film that is going to get much approval from mainstream audiences with it's brutal sadism and disturbing psyche but it does hold up a grim mirror to the time and paints a difficult picture of what can happen behind closed doors in any neighbourhood. So not much of a 'date night' film but one for aficionados of the genre.

Matt B (it) wrote: Two excellent central performances and a story that doesn't rely on formula makes "In Her Shoes" a potent and memorable film.

Karin B (it) wrote: Fantastic movie, very intense, very real, touching, heart-breaking, inspiring.