A coming-of-age story in which a young boy resists the adult world and the inevitable loss of the joys of childhood.

A coming-of-age story in which a young boy resists the adult world and the inevitable loss of the joys of childhood. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael D (kr) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. I enjoy black and white films as much or maybe more (I like the artsiness). A great film with a great twist.

Alana A (au) wrote: never heard of it, plus i can't read it

Mick J (au) wrote: A little light and fluffy - but worth a look :)

Charlene M (kr) wrote: THis movie sucked wasnt scary, really perdictable and you can tell who was going to die.... but over all it was ok for a low budget movie...

Mark G (ru) wrote: My favorite independent film. The first from director Abel Ferrara (King of New York, Bad Lieutenant) This is an OLD SCHOOL grindhouse flick about an artist living in Manhattan. While he's working on his painting, a PUNK BAND (keep in mind this is 1979) moves in to the apartment beneath him. Eventually, the artist loses his mind, grabs an electric drill off his art shelf and goes on a killing spree drilling the random homeless of New York City. If you like old school punk, random gore and TRUE independent grindhouse cinema, then this movie is for you.

Michael L (de) wrote: this movie heavily influenced woody allen's woefully underrated small time crooks which took the premise. anyway, this is a very funny film and highly enjoyable for crime/screwball comedy fans. eddie robinson is a great comedic talent; its a shame he didnt do it more often

kara v (ru) wrote: Conufsing, preposterous, ridiculous, badly cast, terribly acted, silly, amateurish, poorly directed, stpry doesnt track, awful dialogue, awful production design, rebecca romijn is not an actor and doesnt have a sexy bone in her towering body,james brolin is a joke, lame, lame lame lame lame. :confused: :mad: :down:

Sums I (nl) wrote: I like me some Monty Python, but I'm not a huge fan. And if that description fits you, then you'll also probably like a few of these sketches, but find the movie on the whole a bit disconnected, loud and obviously weird. The best sketches like "Lumberjack Song", "Twit of the Year Race" and the opening "How to Stay Hidden" are probably worth watching the film at least once to have them in the memory banks. I'm also laughing as I write this with one of the best "clutz destruction" scenes of all times with the Mountain Climber in the office. That was an amazing bit to behold! So if any of this piques your curiosity - you're going to enjoy this flick enough to be worth it. I just wanted to turn it off a few times for various reasons as well... hence the 3 of 5 rating.

Dillon L (kr) wrote: really enjoyed it fun and smart

Charles C (es) wrote: Great movie, and a look at Amy before Ben gets to her.Movie makes you laugh and think about things. Did I mention Ben Afflect is in the movie so what is there to bitch about!!!

Hayden W (au) wrote: One of my favorite 80's stalk and slash flicks.

Nathanael J (kr) wrote: Very, very surprised at how good this was. That being said it's alright. Production Value isn't fantastic. It definitely didn't cost much to shoot. I thought this was going to be absolutely abysmal but it was surprisingly passable. Not your average "heist" movie but it's alright. I mean after all there's only one "HEAT"