Marathon Boy

Marathon Boy

A scrappy slum kid with a gift for running meets a driven judo instructor with dreams of Olympic fame. Their complicated relationship turns India upside down in a documentary that expertly guides us through a series of twists and turns that are exciting and unsettling at once.

Gemma Atwal's dynamic epic follows four-year-old Budhia, rescued from poverty by Biranchi Das, a larger-than-life judo coach and operator of an orphanage for slum children in the eastern ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hureen Z (de) wrote: I am not giving a star!

Jamie B (au) wrote: A truly original baseball movie.

James B (ca) wrote: As much as I love the Pixies and did enjoy the documentary I feel as though there was something missing. I feel there wasn't enough information about the split and goings on with the bands touring before the split. Not as much performance as I would have liked to have seen too. Enjoyable but I wanted a bit more to be honest.

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Oggi T (mx) wrote: A film that brings bad war memories but a fantasticly done,love it!

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Adam B (gb) wrote: not your traditional "back from the dead" movie, this one stars Steve Buscemi and Ned Beatty

Damien K (nl) wrote: First movie I ever used "disturbing" to describe, it had a strong impact on my young mind when I first saw it.

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Rebecca P (ag) wrote: The plot was a little predictable.

Kimberly K (nl) wrote: Good performances, but a little slow and anti-climatic.

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