Marathon Man

Marathon Man

A graduate student and obsessive runner in New York is drawn into a mysterious plot involving his brother, a member of the secretive Division.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:125 minutes
  • Release:1976
  • Language:English,French,German,Spanish,Yiddish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,   explosion,   murder,  

New York graduate student and marathon runner Thomas "Babe" Levy is unwittingly caught in the middle of an international conspiracy involving stolen diamonds, an exiled Nazi war criminal, and a rogue government agent. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Martin R (gb) wrote: Great step towards movies based on videogames

Monika K (de) wrote: Not as good as the 1st Blue Crush but it still had a good story to it.

Waleed A (gb) wrote: awesome movie, action is a step up from the first one but the story is weaker (about 4 viewings)

Carly J (es) wrote: Very insightful! Definitely worth watching if you like history of music.

Gordon R (mx) wrote: Teen angst drama about a high school kid who becomes a local legend when he starts his own late night radio show with his ham stereo. Outstanding performances by its entire cast.

Grant M (ag) wrote: airborne is better, although it lacks volleyball, and thus sideouts...

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Mark W (kr) wrote: This wasn't actually as bad as I was expecting; in fact it was probably the best entry since Godzilla vs. Hedorah... The concept was similar to the predecessor, that being Aliens plan to takeover the world by killing Godzilla with the use of the rather annoying Mechagodzilla... Fortunately it was moderately fun and the addition of Titanosauraus was the saving grace of the movie!

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Ashley H (de) wrote: Elmer Gantry is a cool film. Burt Lancaster and Jean Simmons had great chemistry. The script is excellent. The production values and direction are great. I liked this film because it kept me interested. This film is a must see.

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Alex K (de) wrote: 1928 Was 69 Years Old In 1997.

Tommy J (us) wrote: Honestly, just makes you hate reporters. Possibly the group of people with the least moral fiber on the planet. Lost total respect for Kate Beckinsale (even though I realize she was just acting).

Jens S (de) wrote: Rodriguez' part of the Grindhouse feature is clearly set in his well known crazy universe, with many of his usual cast suspects returning. The movie takes the used look of the B-film rolls somewhat too far, even has an intentional missing reel at the most inconvenient time and quite a lot of color mishaps. It also sets out to reach new records of disgusting scenes, breaking taboos by the minute: children shooting themselves in the head, (disturbingly hot) sex with one legged women, goo shooting from infection wounds and melting penises. That's almost a little much to stomach, but always countered with a similar kind of humor already used in his "From Dusk Till Dawn". But especially compared to that movie "Planet Terror" can't entirely live up to, neither to the more amusing "Death Proof". Still, there is plenty of fun to have with this film as well: It's nice to see Michael Biehn and Jeff Fahey again, there are some great lines and fun moves (especially by the wonderful Rose McGowan). I can't really say I would blame people who find this too disgusting or silly, though. Not for everyone, but the fans get what they demand.

Brandon B (fr) wrote: Pretty damn close to the same as the first in quality.

Jason C (it) wrote: I love this film BUT you to have the patience to look deeper into this film , If you dont have the patience then you will hate this film.There is allot in this film with many "Mind Fuck" moments and deserves so much more respect than it gets. You cannot take this film on the surface story you need to look into what is going on around the story to see this film as it is intended . This is a visually Stunning film with lots to look at IF and only IF you are willing to look. If you dont make the effort to look at the background during the entire film you will miss out on a good film. For the reason it doesnt reward the lazy viewer I love it

Tony P (br) wrote: Fourth instalment of the late Christopher Reeve version of the Superman films.Okay this film has been slated in most quarters. Lauded as one of the worst films of all time.....It would be easy for me to jump on that bandwagon for this review.The film suffers from budgetary constraints obviously. The production values are there on screen for all to see. The special effects are laughable comparable to the 1950s television version never mind the 1978 movie original. Some scenes are simply stolen from the predecessor films to save money it would appear.The reason being the involvement of Cannon films in the production instead of it being a solely Warner Bros film.Cannon were renowned in the 1980s for producing trashy B films. Video stores at that time had shelves full of their rubbish Chuck Norris starring films. I've had to revisit some of the Cannon cannon out of some cinematic torture!The budget was apparently halved just prior to production and that explains this films problems really.The story does actually have potential. I believe that the late Superman star Christopher Reeve has a storyline credit on the film. Given a proper Hollywood budget it could have worked.Instead the film attempts to be Pinewood/Hollywood quality at the old Elstree film studio/Milton Keynes!The plot centres on nuclear weapon proliferation that probably had some CND/Jeremy Corbyn influence.Superman single handedly rids the world of nuclear warheads by collecting them in outer space in a giant net before throwing them at the Sun!It is not explored if Israel/Iran/North Korea are involved in the worldwide venture!The running time of the film was slashed in post - production to 90 minutes from just over 120 minutes. More cost cutting measures or a way to erase boring Social messages from Reeve?The cast of the 1978 first film return minus the cameo from Marlon Brando.The bad guy is some genetically produced 'Nuclear Man' who in reality is a dubbed cheap Jean Claude Van Damme lookalike.I was saddened to see so many great UK based filmakers involved in this production besmerching their reputations!

Berni E (au) wrote: Nostalgic evening, reminiscing and watching this great film!