March or Die

March or Die

The French Foreign Legion, in the early 20s, is tasked to protect a group of Archaeologists in the middle east. After scenes depicting the hardship of day-to-day Foreign Legion life, and the ragtag collection of people who join, the local Arabs take offence at the Archaeologists and declare Jihad. A large battle takes place, with the inevitable last stand.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:107 minutes
  • Release:1977
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:1910s,   torture,   ship,  

Foreign Legion Major Foster (Hackman), an American haunted by his memories of the recently-ended Great War, is assigned to protect a group of archaeologists at their dig. Foster's unit ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amanda H (br) wrote: The way I see it, you're never too old for a Disney movie. Unfortunately this is by no means one of the better ones I've seen. The music is catchy and cute, but the plot is seriously weak, even by made-for-TV standards. Definitely not something I'll remember for long.

Anusha P (kr) wrote: cillian murphy,why ?why did u hav2 do this movie? the whole movie was very annoying,lucy liu ur character was beyond words, i cant tell u how bad it was!,i felt like going in2 the tv set and killing u(i mean the character violet)*no offense*, if u really like wanna feel better about urself ,then please do watch the movie,.the characters make u feel smart.

Susan B (br) wrote: Dreadful casting...Diane Lane is a good actor but not funny. The lighting was terrible and made her look haggard and about 100 years old. Lane was very nervous on camera and I found myself not caring one bit what anybody did. Very bad movie on many levels...Cusack is brilliant as always but they gave him nothing to work with...not even good lighting.

Eric B (br) wrote: With "Palindromes," writer-director Todd Solondz's intentions are hard to fathom. His primary thrust seems to be an attack on anti-abortionists, but his targeted characters are so extreme (they plot to murder doctors who perform abortions) that it's grossly unfair to view them as symptomatic of the movement. But at the same time, he offers little reason to support his protagonist Aviva. (Her name is a palindrome, get it?) She's dim-witted, malleable and listless, and Solondz further distances us from her by having 10 (10!) different actresses portray her throughout the film. And sorry to say, the most prominent of them is deeply unappealing. He costumes most of them in an ugly, belly-baring top, besides. So, where do our sympathies lie? The only appealing character is a young boy named Peter Paul, but he eventually turns out to be just another fanatic. Bad vibes everywhere."Palindromes" is a sequel of sorts to Solondz's watershed "Welcome to the Dollhouse," and it opens with the funeral of that film's Dawn Wiener, who apparently killed herself after being impregnated by a date rapist. Cheery stuff -- thanks for the closure. We also discover she became overweight and acne-riddled, so that's a bonus. At least one character does recur from "Dollhouse": Dawn's brother Mark (Matthew Faber), now a peculiar man accused of child molestation.Otherwise, we're introduced to Aviva, a 13-year-old girl who has no interest in sexual pleasure but desperately yearns to be pregnant. When a naive friend inadvertently obliges her (they have sex within hours of meeting, while their parents chat downstairs), Aviva's parents (Ellen Barkin and Richard Masur, in thankless roles) demand she get an abortion. After the procedure has sad complications that Aviva doesn't even realize (so, is Solondz pro-choice or not?), she runs away from home and meets various distasteful people who do her no good. Along the way, a degree of perverse entertainment is provided by "The Sunshine Singers," a fictional group of handicapped/diseased children who sing and dance creepy, Christian-pop tunes. Just wait until the "Glee" crowd discovers this film.

Joe S (mx) wrote: Movie had me hooked since the beginning. Great mystery and suspense, keeps you engaged and guessing at the outcome.

Graydon B (fr) wrote: One of the best Godzilla films! Biollante is cool, and the fight between Godzilla and Biollante is cool! It may be too dark (I mean by lighting dark) and have some pretty cheesy dubbing, but its still a great Godzilla movie!

Phil H (nl) wrote: I can't understand why this never did well upon release as I think its a marvellous spoof/comedy that is perfectly cast with Caine and Kinglsey as 'Holmes' and 'Watson'. This could easily of come from the mind of Mel Brooks really its that kind of light hearted romp with silly jokes and silly prat falls, not too childish just about right.The plot for the film is also quite genius, simply the roles are reversed, Watson (Kingsley) is the brilliant detective and Holmes (Caine) is actually a bumbling drunk who is employed by Watson to pretend to be the real Holmes for the sake of his novels and his own job. Caine's character is actually called 'Reg Kinclaid' who simply inherits the name of Holmes for the big cover up that the real Watson has orchestrated. What is also quite impressive is the look of the film, sets, costumes and location work are all really well done and look quite realistic, add to this a very impressive cast of classic stars (mainly English) and this really is a top class adventure very much like Gene Wilder's film 'The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother' only much better looking.

Jonalyn B (au) wrote: Awesome film. Loved all the performances. Why can't music be like this anymore?

Muffin M (ru) wrote: I own this on DVD and Blu-Ray

Antonius B (de) wrote: Campy as this movie is, you can really see the genius of the premise, written and directed by Michael Crichton. Well ahead of its time in 1973, when computers were far from ubiquitous, it shows the inevitable progression of robot technology, and 'computers designing computers'. There are also some fantastic shot sequences in the second half of the movie, particularly as rogue robot (Yul Brunner) hunts down one of the guests (Richard Benjamin) at Westworld. This also prefetches the 'Terminator' series. Unfortunately, I can only recommend it with reservations, because the first half of the movie is too silly, alternating between clich scenes in a saloon and lame attempts at humor. Dick Van Patten's character is just ridiculous. The sex scene between Benjamin and the robot prostitute is too, with a corny preamble and then some laugh out loud rolling back and forth. There's just not enough darkness and grit in the first half, and I don't necessarily mean not enough hardcore violence, I mean it's just too light. Part of the problem is in casting Benjamin, and another part is in direction and editing towards a PG rating.The film does redeem itself when the robots snap. Yul Brunner turns in a great performance and the look in his eyes is memorable. There is real tension, and I loved how the film also combined at least parts of 'Medieval World' and 'Rome World' into the story, though it could have done more. You have to cut it some slack for having been made in 1973, and appreciate it for the outstanding premise, the potential of which Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy recognized before creating HBO's series.

Anders A (ca) wrote: Yes! This is true cinema, hard, broad, realistic and naturalistic. Great follow-up to the Emigrant movie and really powerful in making it all look so real and honest. Every piece of real life is shown here in a pure sense.

Sonia K (au) wrote: Beautiful Landscapes and poignant poetic dialogues fill the themes of this movie for all romanticists who are eager to watch a good old classic French New Wave film.

Paul D (mx) wrote: There are quite a few different themes running through this well made western, although none are a real suprise. The strength of the cast, Ford in his honourable hero role, Stanwyck as a poisonous wife to Robinson the cattle baron collectively give this one a lot of structure.

Kim B (gb) wrote: This film is necessary of course and once again shows part of americas ugly history thru racist politicians, sinister local police, KKK and ignorant locals. It also shows the bravery and sacrifice of people in r great nation like John Lewis. However, i found it very vanilla and kind of boring especially the beginning. I also thought some parts were a bit unbelievable and whitewashed like his affairs and relationship with Coretta. I also think LBJ was poorly Portrayed since i believe he did a lot to help the cause. The best parts were probably martin luther's speeches and his private talks with ppl expressing some of his doubts and his faith. I also enjoyed watching Oprah once again play a strong woman and some real footage from the time.