Marci X

Marci X

A Jewish-American Princess is forced to take control of a hard-core hip-hop record label and tries to rein the one of the label's most controversial rappers.

As a comedy and music film directed by Richard Benjamin, the film begins with Jewish-American Princess is forced to take control of a hard-core hip-hop record label and tries to rein the one of the label's most controversial rappers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Liam C (us) wrote: AHAHHAHAH r they sure its a horror movie. They should make this a comedy, casue wow, just wow!! Idea was terrible, Acting was horriffc, special effects are well made me laugh even more, just absoluetly terrible ahahahahahaa wow can't stop laughing at the stupididty that this movie has!!

Robert H (ag) wrote: A solid thriller a la Funny Games that had the audience gasping, wincing and cringing at the 2012 Toronto After Dark Film Festival.Fantastically twisted performances by all the actors involved help deliver a very dark take on home invasion.I did find the ending a bit rushed and would have rather something darker but it doesn't change the fact that the film succeeds in accomplishing what it set out to do.

Arseniy V (es) wrote: The sort of sadness that doesn't weigh on you, but rather blankets you like a loving mother - is mentioned in this film. There are no particularly profound points made here, but something about the film's patient flow - seems to evoke that very feeling.

Alex r (ag) wrote: Into the Storm is a fascinating biopic about the great Winston Churchill. This is a sequel to The Gathering Storm that tells the story of Churchill's years as war time prime minister. The film's power lies in the performance of Brendan Gleason who is absolutely stunning in the role of Winston Churchill. I thought he nailed his performance and in turn he sounded, looked like Churchill. The film is a terrific piece of cinema and it should be seen by history buffs everywhere as well as viewers who enjoy a well crafted biopic. The direction by Thaddeus O'Sullivan is immaculate and crafts a stunning picture with an effective plot and wonderful performances. Winston Churchill was one of the most important figures of the 20th century. His tenacity and audacity in the face of invasion by German Forces made him a symbol. This film brings that to light. Gleeson is a superb choice to play Winston Churchill. I've always enjoyed him in films, but with this role, he really shines. I think this was the role he was meant to play. This ranks as one of his best performances. Into the Storm is a terrific biopic and with the help of a great cast, it redefines what a biopic can be. The film is at times slow, but it never is dull. This is a near flawless picture and is a stunning biopic that ranks along with Che as a stunning work on the subject it explores. A very interesting, and riveting film, and as an admirer of Winston Churchill, I recommend this film to anyone who are interested in the man, the hero, and the icon that is Winston Churchill.

Sam M (ca) wrote: Expected to see more of Sean Penn. De Niro was really good though, been while since he performed a respectable character. Though this film is 8 years old.

Natalie P (mx) wrote: This movie was alot better then I thought it would be. The storyline was little dumb just like any low budget horror movie. However the death sceens were really good. Great old skool special effects. I was very pleased to see that damage being done. Not most horror movies now adays where they cut away and you dont see any of the action. Wont say I would watch this movie again but it was entertaining for the night. If you only watch this movie just make sure it for the gore sceens and not the storyline.

Jenny V (de) wrote: Fardeen Khan was in it. So enough said

Lucas M (fr) wrote: Penny Marshall's Renaissance Man almost could be a really good film. Unfortunately, the script is so repeated.

Ryan H (jp) wrote: If you've seen Lethal Weapon 1 & 2, stop there. It's all downhill from here... Rene Russo's the only compelling one on screen. Not a recommend...

Jeff K (mx) wrote: Almost hiliariously bad...almost.

James F (nl) wrote: Absolutely love this film, regardless of your mathematical pedigree, everyone takes something away from this, lovely story.

Jesse F (es) wrote: A great horror-comedy made all the better by a great performance by Warwick Davis as the evil and hilarious leprechaun.