Marco Ferreri, il regista che venne dal futuro

Marco Ferreri, il regista che venne dal futuro


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Marco Ferreri, il regista che venne dal futuro torrent reviews

Zoe S (de) wrote: When i started watching.. i did wonder what i was doing but i really enjoyed it... it was funny... ok ending (the big show down) probably could have been better... it was over quickly but... i really liked it... good film.. would watch again...

Daniel N (de) wrote: Haven't even heard about this one.

Irene M (jp) wrote: Watch this movie. Now.

Maia L (fr) wrote: wonder what the rating is on this? sounds good.

Angel M (es) wrote: Good... But it could've been better. It was made to look scary but it really wasn't. I do like the story line though. Great idea.

Noah Abraham G (kr) wrote: "Jonah- A Veggie Tales Movie" isn't perfect, but it's a lot of fun to watch. A solid message, even if you're not Christian, and some great acting make a really good family film.

Don S (ru) wrote: A sobering yet refreshing look at young love told in the unusual fashion of GLBT teens. Perabo, a favorite of mine, and Pare' make a wonderful couple, but as in many romances, something goes wrong and that is the crux of the story. The ambiguous, native American inspired ending detracted from the overall effectiveness of the movie. Impressed with director Pool's first outing.

Jeffrey M (fr) wrote: A powerful movie that offers a compelling view of war and the power of forgiveness,and does so in an effective and engrossing way. The subject matter and tone is in many ways similar to Bridge Over the River Kwai (a masterpiece), especially in the way it humanizes the enemy, though it lacks the restraint and subtlety of that film. Strong performances from everyone involved. I only wish the film had waited until the epilogue to show the real-life images of the POW camps, as to do it in-film can be distracting. An authentic and memorable tale of war and redemption. 4/5 Stars

Sylvester K (gb) wrote: This campy John Waters-que documentary-comedy is bound to satisfy many. It is also a story about resistance to censorship, entrepreneurship and individualism.

Jared L (au) wrote: My favorite Kevin Kline film.

Maurice L (gb) wrote: good but not really that funny, same sorry then happy moments

Gabo A (jp) wrote: Of interest. Mostly for New York enthusiasts. A sophisticated gossip girl circa 1990. I watched it for free on Netflix with the flu. Not bad.

Jenna I (nl) wrote: HAHA What a mess!! It's worth it for a couple of scenes, but the lack of plot and slightly off musical numbers take their toll. I love me some Anna Karina and Brialy and Serge and Marianne but this is just hilariously bad.

Pablo C (ag) wrote: Seems to borrow a lot from The Raid, but it delivers it with a AAA budget and it's AWESOME. Lena Heady shows how versatile she is as usual. Top knotch action puts the movie up with the first Robocop and Terminator movies.

Knox M (jp) wrote: I'm going to be a bit controversial and say that Kubrick's PATHS OF GLORY is not a masterpiece but only a good film.

Don V (gb) wrote: deliquent spelled wrong in the Movie Info for this movie. Should be delinquent.

Eric F (ca) wrote: Boring, lazy, forgettable, and a cash grab for the old timers nostalgia.

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Marco Ferreri, il regista che venne dal futuro torrent

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