Mare chiuso

Mare chiuso

In 2009 Berlusconi and Gaddafi signed an agreement to control migration flows between Italy and Libya...

In 2009 Berlusconi and Gaddafi signed an agreement to control migration flows between Italy and Libya. Since then, all migrants intercepted at sea by the Italian navy were forcibly pushed ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stefan H (ru) wrote: Mega Piranha is one of those films that doesn't even have at the rights mind to exist. Why? Hmmm lets see here. Bad acting? check. Bad effects and action? Check. Bad storyline? check. And so many others things. Here's the crazy part though, Despite what I say here, I actually do recommed this film. Reason why is because its so bad its good. The film fails so much in every way that its a good laugh to watch at just so bad it is.

Elric N (fr) wrote: interesting topic but way too slow...

Russell H (it) wrote: plants are not scary but this almost pulled it off with some disturbing gore. not bad.

Tim M (ag) wrote: The epic length of the film takes away from the good fights and directing. The quality is like that of an old TV show. Creative arenas for duels, costumes are great. The seven level pagoda is sweet. The multitude of characters makes for a complicated story. Fun, but not spectacular.

Paul N (ca) wrote: Bill Murray, the key ingredient to an enjoyable movie.

Brad B (gb) wrote: This movie was made as a pilot for a TV series that just didn't take off. That being said I still find it an enjoyable watch just because when James Woods grandstands he is a dynamo.Wood's portrayle of a dope smoking left over left wing radical has been lawyer is great fun and well acted almost to the point of ham! But that's Jame's virtue love him or hate.Robert Downey does a credible job playing second fiddle to him and the story is a pretty good little detective drama.

Edgar C (gb) wrote: Pietro Germi was smart. The joyful and quick direction used for introducing the Sicily of the 60s presents a whole society as a context, and the incomparable Mastroianni in his most iconic performance yet. It is a superb satire sprinkled with dark humor throughout, something not quite well received by then, but very appreciated now. For once, the Academy noticed the difference between a well elaborate screenplay and their toilet. 99/100

Brandon L (nl) wrote: crippling to the heart and surreal for all senses--a movie that doesn't put a period at the end, but makes you write the rest of the story for yourself.

John R (au) wrote: 140831: Not sure what to say. Was not satisfied with the ending but overall a fun, unique film.

Carlos M (gb) wrote: In his third collaboration with Liam Neeson (who is great in his badass persona), Collet-Serra does play the exhibitionist sometimes, but at least he manages to make this average movie dynamic and fresh despite all of its expository dialogue and how forgettable it is.