Margarette's Feast

Margarette's Feast

A black and white, surreal and silent comedy. Pedro has a dream of giving his wife an unforgettable birthday feast.

A black and white, surreal and silent comedy. Pedro has a dream of giving his wife an unforgettable birthday feast. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephanie C (us) wrote: best second part ever

Marcus B (br) wrote: What a truly inspiring and informational film. I have gained a tremendous respect for the Sommelier - BRAVO !!!

Guillaume L (mx) wrote: Une "jolie" chronique estivale sur les liens familiaux qui tourne peut-etre parfois un peu trop en rond pour donner un tout grand film.

Geoff B (de) wrote: I knew Meek's story and marvelled at his album 'I Hear A New World'; this film brings to life that crazy recording studio where it all came from. The acting is fantastic, especially from creative pair Joe and Geoff: being both affected and convincing.

Kenneth D (nl) wrote: Ashamed I even watched a portion of this movie.

Andr R (br) wrote: A must see film about the Iraq war and "post war" period up until 2007 told by the ultimate insiders. Gives a detailed account of what happened, the decisions taken and its consequences. It shows how terribly bad this war was planned and executed and how the remarkable incompetence and ignorance in the Bush administration resulted in a far worse situation when they took over Bagdad in addition to starting a war based on manufactured lies and fabricated evidence.

Dan H (ca) wrote: Pretty good story, worth the watch.

Jackson P (us) wrote: There are plenty of fun action scenes, and it's an improvement over the last entry in the series, but The Cradle of Life has little more to offer, despite Jolie's best efforts.

Nick M (ag) wrote: Shiloh is a very fine family movie. There are some slow moving parts of the movie and lots of dialogue that might bog it down sometimes, but it is still an enjoyable movie. It has a great message and is very heartwarming, especially the ending as well as some sad parts. Blake Heron gives an inspiring portayal of Marty Preston, but the one person's performance I am impressed with even after all these years is Scott Wilson as the cold-hearted Judd Travers.

Louis H (nl) wrote: Although not as good as the first, Martin still manages to make you feel a bit sentimental and misty eyed; he has a great ability to bring back my own good child hood memories. No Martin is not as funny as he used to be but he has a great knack for making an emotional connection with the audience; you really feel that you know him. It has some lulls but it's still Steven Martin doing what he does best - make you feel good and forget about your problems for 120 minutes.

Shane D (it) wrote: A genuinely funny, quirky and Australian film. A brilliant caper with a sense of fun and solid performances from the central characters. When I was much younger, I remember the effects and "inventions" being presented as cutting edge and for an Aussie film shot in Melbourne it was something of a victory. Great stuff!

Wes S (jp) wrote: There isn't really a whole lot to this movie. It's mostly dull, slow pacing, and the characters are bland. There's nothing really interesting about the story, the ghoulies don't really show up much or do anything. Eventually I found myself not paying much attention to the film, as it doesn't try to grab any. It sure didn't get me in the end.

Ryan W (us) wrote: ,,,u...

Maria V (mx) wrote: Overly-long, meandering, somewhat senseless drama marred by bursts of overacting from Douglas and Charisse. On the upside, George Hamilton looks fantastic!

M E (ag) wrote: The best dance sequences ever. Fred Astaire could have taken anyone in a fight.

Billy U (kr) wrote: If you literally have nothing to do other than constantly check your phone for the next 1.5 hours.. This is your movie. Horribly slow plot..... But my husband loved it.

Alan C (ca) wrote: A zombie drama (I specifically say drama) set after the American Civil War. It was interesting and should be admired for attempting to do something different with zombies but ultimately failed to hold my attention through the length of the film which was a bit overlong.

sara (au) wrote: this film has a subject which has been done countless times but its always entertaining to watch.The twist gives this film a very unique touch and the performances by the whole cast are really good.One of my all time favorite action/thrillers of all time