Maria Marusjka

Maria Marusjka

Fyrvokteren Ewert, tidligere sjømann, har slått seg ned på en øy og vokter Sørlandskysten. Han bor på fyrøya sammen med sin kone og datter. Hele tiden bærer han på et minne fra yngre dager ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alexandre B (de) wrote: Comme de voir une version "indie" d'un film moyen des frres Farrelly, mettant en vedette un couple d'adulescents se magasinant une ville d'accueil comme d'autres se magasinent une paire de jeans dans un urban outfitters.

Waleed A (ca) wrote: went from a fun ridiculous movie to a ridiculously bad ridiculously over the top madness. i liked the first one as a fun movie that you don't take seriously. this movie is just.... dumb. (2 viewings)SPOILERSi was gonna give it a one star, but then the guy that he killed at the end of the first movie was still alive, but just his head in a tub of water kept alive by machines, but he could see and talk. cmon. what

Eyal D (kr) wrote: I was away at sea when PERFUME : THE STORY OF A MURDERER came out. Otherwise a premise this fascinating would have not escaped me. An unusual story of obsession, PERFUME is at once a thrilling murder mystery of the when-will-the-killer-get-caught variety and a period piece full of little exciting details that keep you glued to the screen. So in essence it is both sick and impossible to resist. I am not the kind who enjoys watching the pathology of a murderer unravel, (and in this case PERFUME is very much akin to SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, both exceptionally well made films) but PERFUME is so disturbingly solid, evoking what we imagine to be a time and place, to the extent that we feel that we ourselves are caught within its inevitable tragedy. Although Hoffman is unfortunately miscast, Ben Whishaw is menacing to perfection and Alan Rickman, as always, is pitch perfect.

Jason M (de) wrote: A shlocky and unrealistic depiction of mountaineering realeased in time to capitalize on the "Into Thin Air" book popularity at the time. The opening scene is the only memorable part of the film. The rest is silly fantasy, with scenes that are so far-fetched that they take away greatly from the overall film. After all, people interested in mountaineering want to see a film that is at least somewhat realistic, so they may relate a fictional plot from. However, when the technical aspects of the film are so fake, it is difficult to take any other aspect of this production seriously.

Sofia (nl) wrote: loved the talking cat

Anthony I (ca) wrote: A godawful comedy. Really, It's kind of a waste of time. Imagine "The Grand Budapest Hotel", stripped of creativity, intelligence and sheer effort. The first two skits are the worst pieces to ever be put to celluloid. The third one by Robert Rodriguez is kind of clever, but not particularly funny. The only skit I liked was the fourth one by Quentin Tarantino. It's the best of the four, and it encapsulates the Hollywood obsession of him in the 90's. His parody of himself is dead-on, well filmed and hilarious. But it's not worth sticking around for, especially after watching three pretty dreadful short films just to get to it. Thank goodness it's over.

Bellina B (ru) wrote: This movie is pure poetry....especially with the most incredible soundtrack by the incredible Miles Davis. Hauntingly beautiful, yet sad, full of passion and clues to life and the beyond. A masterpiece.

Alexander C (mx) wrote: Could be worth a viewing, would like to see it sometime in the future.

Irene M (fr) wrote: better than I expected, even when I qualified my expectations with it being a 70s movie; which means I have to control my reactions to how women are portrayed.

Private U (kr) wrote: This is a great supernatural thriller,and much underated in my opinion. A bit Shawshank meets the Shining. I cant understand why it's not more well known!

Charles P (br) wrote: A classic of madcap rom-coms, featuring some of the funniest, fastest dialogue ever written, and Cary Grant's performance is just genius.

George W (de) wrote: Dark but Romantic Drama

Matthew C (jp) wrote: I want a friend like Bobby Tuttle. It(TM)s too bad the film's psycho killer Donny doesn't appreciate him. This very weird slasher film from the late 70s is interesting, if not all that good. Dan Grimaldi, in his film debut, does a fairly good job playing the nutter up as sympathetic, even as he does some really awful stuff. Worth checking out for fans of 70s horror.

Rob P (ag) wrote: Yeah, I'm a little biased having watched the series but it was a really excellent film. More please!

The Awesome Z T (ca) wrote: :) one of my best movies, well uh sort of :-|

Jason M (de) wrote: Powerful movie. Complex adult situations. Love it.

David G (mx) wrote: Restored Criterion edition. Yup. Still love this film. Still a favorite. Her non-Brit accent still doesn't bug. Why? Polanski's best film? Maybe.