Maria, Mirabella

Maria, Mirabella

Two little girls - Maria and Mirabella - go to the woods for a walk and encounter several magical characters, among them a frog with his feet frozen in ice, a fireworm whose shoes keep catching fire, and a butterfly who's afraid of flying. To help their new friends, the girls must carry them to a sorceress who lives deep in the forest.

Two little girls - Maria and Mirabella - go to the woods for a walk and encounter several magical characters, among them a frog with his feet frozen in ice, a fireworm whose shoes keep ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nelson B (nl) wrote: Grade: A- (87%)Rating: 8.7/10 - Awesome

Ejan Y (ca) wrote: This is good slasher movie...Crispin Glover...did a great job.....loves his character in this movie....the story was dammn gud....

Kathryn K (jp) wrote: A different twist on a moulin rouge type of movie? Could be interesting...

hannah b (ca) wrote: what a lovely film, its sweet, sad but up-lifting and kind of funny in parts; but a great family film, which me and my family did and they all enjoyed it. its a story within the film being told to a girl by her aunt who has lost her friend. worth a look.

Bill T (it) wrote: Not a bad war movie/love story thriller about a woman who is so enamored with a soldier she falls in love with during the war, and when he's captured, becomes a spy to not only help France, but to also look for her soldier love! Sort of crazy yes, but it's remarkably calm. Blanchett and Crudup are fine, but Michael Gambon, as usual, steals the show.

Benjamin W (mx) wrote: Yea, it's a feel good film. It is a lot of fun to watch and Tim Conway is priceless.

Thanasis M (es) wrote: Why bad guys. This is one of my favorite movies. Let me say the truth: I enjoyed it more than Star Wars V. It has Good effects, good acting, mystery everything. It's a very good flick to watch. I loved every minute of it.

Scott M (kr) wrote: Everything I hated about the original applies just as much to this sequel. A puerile excuse for a movie, with some of the most obnoxious child actors ever to appear on celluloid.

Grant S (de) wrote: Marine Corps Recruiting Depot, Parris Island, South Carolina, mid-1960s. A platoon of raw recruits is receiving its first exposure to the training methods of the Marine Corps. In particular, they are being exposed to Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, a tough, loud, foul-mouthed senior drill instructor. Seen largely through the eyes of one recruit, Private JT "Joker" Davis We see their training at Hartman's hands, and the effect it has on one recruit in particular, Private Leonard "Gomer Pyle" Lawrence.Some time later, Joker is now in Vietnam, has risen to Sergeant and is a correspondent for Stars and Stripes magazine. It is a reasonably cushy job until the Tet Offensive is launched. Joker, and his sidekick "Rafterman", get sent to Hue, a city taken by North Vietnamese forces in the offensive. They attach themselves to a Marine squad which includes a Parris Island buddy of Joker's, Sergeant "Cowboy". What follows is war at its most personal, intense and visceral.Superb Vietnam War drama. Directed by Stanley Kubrick and adapted from a novel by Gustav Hasford, Full Metal Jacket is a searingly accurate and intense depiction of war and the military. We see the training, and how recruits are treated, we see the down-time between battles, where boredom is the most common issue, and then we see the intense, life-or-death struggles in battle. A great story, superbly directed.Solid performances all round. Matthew Modine plays the central character, Joker, and he does a great job. Vincent D'Onofrio does a solid job playing the not-altogether-there Gomer Pyle. Adam Baldwin provides the gung ho factor as Animal Mother. Stand out performance and character goes to R Lee Ermey as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman. He absolutely dominates the first half of the movie and is legitimately scary as the drill instructor. Helps that he was once a Marine NCO himself...

Ts Yeung Yvonne P (br) wrote: A HK classic. No other HK horror/comedy film can match this one. Very funny!

Stuart P (au) wrote: A fantasy, a film-within-a-film, and an interesting two-man play, all at once. Hurt's affected performance is subtle, sweet and disquieting.

Will the Thrill V (it) wrote: This flick defines the word "psychotronic."

Senor C (br) wrote: Being possessed by the marquis De Sade is a great concept (just look @ Bloody Pit of Horror; it's great campy fun) but the Skull is pretty dull which is too bad because it has both Peter Cushing & Christopher Lee in it. All De Sade's skull does is float around & drive Cushing mad. Not to good & really only for Cushing & Lee completists

i C (fr) wrote: 3/10wasnt a complete meltdown, like the critics said, got a couple of good visual scenes

Gustavo Adolfo R (kr) wrote: This is a pure piece of art. Hathaway and Streep are an extraordinary duo. And the performance of Blunt, Brilliant!Adding the charisma of Tucci was a fantastic idea.This movie is perfect!

Finlay C (ca) wrote: Funny LOL but a bit boring