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Scott S (gb) wrote: Quite possibly one of the worst movies I have ever seen. It just proves that the festival circuit will pick up just about anything if someone actually puts it on film. The acting was simply atrocious outside of the actor who played Mark - I can't blame only the actors though because the script was a joke and the editing even worse. There was no flow to the movie, absolutely no development of the characters and nothing redeeming or believable about the story line. I knew from the first scene that I was in store for 2 hours of crap and my first impression was correct. The writing was especially lazy when it came to writing some of the supporting characters - the older "drag queen" and the black co-worker were written in such stereotypes that it was simply nauseating - they were caricatures. I found myself saying out loud throughout the movie "you have got to be kidding me." (for example the stupid haircut scene where the main character does not look any different, the homeless kid who gets hired to take care of a stroke victim without any experience or references, the mom that suddenly shows up at the end of the movie and takes credit for the good kid she raised - and oh by the way your dad died after he threw you out for being gay). TRASH, TRASH, TRASH!

Deb K (br) wrote: Typical Slasher Film. This movie is worth watching you won't leave it like it was the greatest thing in the world and its not the scariest but it was interesting. This is one of those inbred mentally disturbed hillbilly movies

Vittorio P (au) wrote: It's pretty much like "Scarface" except there's a maid and she's in Manhattan.

Rene P (us) wrote: Another Hulu find. Had a very unique, although probably unrealistic, take on adolescent sexuality.

Ovula B (es) wrote: Una de las pelculas ms malas que haya visto!

Tom D (fr) wrote: Now this is an action movie. There are so many crazy, exciting action scenes in this movie. There are some truly stunning action sequences that I have never seen anything like before in this motion picture. Both Yun-Fat Chow and Tony Leung are excellent in this movie. I highly recommend this film to any action fan.

Scott R (de) wrote: Beatty is absolutely electrifying!

James H (au) wrote: Big is touching, heartfelt and cleverly realistic in the way Tom Hanks acts. His performance is fantastic both seriously and comedically. The story line is great and the comedy well timed. It's as if the film was made by 13 year old children, but in an intelligent, mature manor.

Alex S (ag) wrote: Papillon features great acting from its two leads, provided with an excellent script, even if at times the movie becomes long and boring

Edgar C (jp) wrote: Impactful and depraved descent into irrational madness, with the senses being submitted to the realm of the unreasonable and the unknown for the carnal pleasure of transforming it into something known. That fine line between those two realms is deliciously transgressed for an hour and a half, but hell lasts an eternity. The Oedipal complex is complementary, but not unnecessary, as it is seen during the last unforgettable chapters. 99/100

Brett L (ru) wrote: I found this pretty boring the entire way through. Thought it was a good story but there was very little of anything in the movie. You find out what will happen 5 mins in and only the hearing and Stanton's assistant are of any interest.

Fernando C (br) wrote: beautiful movie! a love letter to the golden age of the Rock and roll, it is so well directed and so well written that makes you want to live in that age and create a band with your friends! it is also super funny, I laughed a lot of times, but also has some powerful and touching moments. all the cast is amazing (especially Hudson and Hammond).definitely is a must see in every way

Greg W (br) wrote: good historical/bio pic

Timothy H (us) wrote: I liked it then I liked it now

Benjamin O (kr) wrote: Desperately wanting.