Maria Wern: Drömmen förde dig vilse

Maria Wern: Drömmen förde dig vilse


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Maria Wern: Drömmen förde dig vilse torrent reviews

Jordan P (gb) wrote: While the storytelling is no more imaginative and the gore no less subtle the second time around, Hatchet 2 actually manages to handily surpass its rehashed predecessor with absorbing, blood-soaked violence and a strong performance from genre scream queen Danielle Harris.

rithwick r (mx) wrote: yuk it was avery sick and a sick movie

Angelica W (us) wrote: great movie! really funny and heart warming. good for a rainy day

Anna N (us) wrote: Not interested. I generally avoid horror movies.

Sarah S (ca) wrote: I just love this movie...even though you just know what is going to happen in the end. I could (and do) watch it time and again. Not to mention that the soundtrack was amazing.

Cameron F (ag) wrote: Unemployed actress takes on a phone sex job in this amusing but flawed dramedy from Spike Lee.

Soheil W (it) wrote: Definitely his weakest performance additionally it comes with a foolish story. Because of the nice fights it gets two stars, otherwise just one!

the blue g (ca) wrote: i loved this movie as a kid!!!!

Joseph B (ca) wrote: While incredibly similar to its American remake "the Birdcage", this movie lacks the fantastic performances of Nathan Lane and Robin Williams.

Richard D (jp) wrote: I'm a fan of Technicolor melodramas of the 1960s, especially ones about the movie business, but this adaptation of the Irwin Shaw novel has a tendency to go small when it should go big. You get the feeling that Minnelli was concerned about remaining tasteful, which is exactly the wrong impulse for this kind of material. One of the issues might be a pair of key casting mistakes. While Kirk Douglas and Edward G. Robinson are perfect for their parts, Cyd Charisse is almost entirely wrong as the really really bad girl that Douglas is obsessed with and George Hamilton is maybe just a bit too well cast as the callow young actor ... he's callow and uninteresting. The film seems like a failure until you reach the absolutely insane and wonderful climax that almost shatters the fourth wall it's surreal excess. It's entirely worth sitting through the previous hour to behold it.

Sherif S (nl) wrote: Interesting true story but it gets boring sometimes.