Maria Zeff

Maria Zeff


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:123 minutes
  • Release:1981
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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Howard G (us) wrote: Great movie. Incisive analysis of how Fischer's intense focus connected with his subsequent mental illness. Great comments by a variety of people, but chess champion Kasparov was surprisingly uninformative. There is so much great stuff, nonetheless.

bill s (kr) wrote: When there should be action there's talk and vise-a-versa,not one of Mamet's best.

Rodney E (nl) wrote: Anne Hathaway sulks as her bourgeois family yaps about an impending wedding. The beautiful Hathaway does have some decent dramatic scenes as do a few other members of the cast. My big issue with the movie is the revelation of Kym's accidental past, which didn't work for me in ways that I cannot dive into with giving away spoilers. I just don't think that a family would be that forgiving for such a loss. Rachel Getting Married isn't really bad but I wouldn't really recommend it.

Bobby L (au) wrote: Great cast, good acting, but pointless and plodding.

Jonny B (de) wrote: If you love Bukowski you will love this. My love for the man dried up many moons ago. However, the documentary is exhausting in its research and archived footage and even when Bukowski is being a misogynistic, violent human the movie switches tones to suggest what is likely to be the cause of such behaviour. The best person interviewed? Tom Waits, of course.

alex f (ag) wrote: i know why people watch this.. semi interesting doc about 'the industry' and their very chance run in with A listers... but ultimately nothing really happens throughout and you just want kenny to start abusing spenny as he does in the fantastic tv show they made.

Jude P (it) wrote: A comedy at it's best.

Erik M (nl) wrote: 3.631.333 views on youtube

Michael M (it) wrote: Half fiction and half fact, part narrative and part documentary. . Wexler is considered the greatest cinematographer that ever lived and this is one of only two films he directed. I love it for the social commentary and commentary on film in general.

Drew H (mx) wrote: Back when it was all cool to be racist, but that aside it's still a fun time.

Jared M (it) wrote: Come on guys, you have to take this movie with a grain of salt. First, it's Mortal Kombat, so yeah. Second, they follow the general plot line fairly good actually, but in the movie it is done out terribly. Actors sounding like they're reading the script will make it seem like the plot is worse than it actually is. For 1997, the graphics aren't TERRIBLE. Nowadays they're pretty bad. Overall, it's low budget as hell, so you should know that coming in. P.s. When Sonya and Jax are fighting random people a demon comes out of nowhere and Jax punches it for 5 seconds and goes back in the ground. So unneeded and the demon thing looked terrible

Mark T (ru) wrote: had the potential to be an amazing film except that it's so confusing about who is who and how the characters relate to each other. was extremely disappointed in this