The life of Krister has become an unending nightmare, ever since his wife's death. There seems to be no respite for this man, tormented by the errors of his past and held prisoner by a grim daily existence.

The life of Krister has become an unending nightmare, ever since his wife's death. There seems to be no respite for this man, tormented by the errors of his past and held prisoner by a grim... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack P (fr) wrote: Being a harry hill fan not only am i disappointed but betrayed. This was 90 minutes too long and the jokes fall flat. Im all for surrealistic, off the wall humour but this was just poor. A Shame as its from the comix legend harry hill, dont bother if you can.

Aakash G (fr) wrote: superb thriller by shoojit sircar!!!serious n intense screenplay and no irrelevant songs n cheezy dilouges...based on d protests in srilanka by tamils in the late 20th century and how the indian PM was killed because of the chaos in a foreign country....kinda quite un-bollywood movie but brilliant work done by the cast and the director

Tatiana F (ru) wrote: I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I learned a lot about the green lanterns. Hal Jordan is awesome!!!!!!

Brian C (nl) wrote: Interesting and atmospheric. Asylum Blackout plays it dark and slow moving. Great payoffs in character development.

Duncan F (us) wrote: I'll allow that it is really dumb, and that the script has some vulgar, and even at times inappropriately prejudiced elements, but if you put those small moments aside what remains isn't bad. It's childish, yet entertaining; I liked it as a kid and that may be a bias, but 8% was shocking to me.

Jessica H (it) wrote: Typical touch guy flick, but with a little eye candy.

william m (es) wrote: Fun characters, great adventure, some adult humor, and a good mix of 2D and CGI visuals.

Dalton B (nl) wrote: amazing non stop thrill ride

James B (fr) wrote: This is a pretty good movie. Angelina Jolie is great as is Winona Ryder. It was a pretty heavy emotional movie, and the all star cast was great.

David M (fr) wrote: Late 90s action thriller starring Alec Baldwin and a beginning-to-go-bald Bruce Willis, with the latter as a FBI agent (on his way downwards), who ends up having to protect an autistic 9 year old boy - who has just cracked a top-secret government code - from an assassin sent by Alec Baldwin's NSA chief.Solid if unexceptional entry in the genre.

Alec B (ru) wrote: For an action picture, it's excessively dull. Yes it cuts the dead weight out of the original novel but what remains isn't remotely engaging. It's a disappointing waste of Ford's talent, who would seem to be the perfect choice to play Jack Ryan but he just isn't given him much to do except look grumpy.

vitor s (de) wrote: The story is well know.. typical "been there, done that". Virus get spread, people die just to return again as living dead (sound familiar?). Nevertheless, it's a good movie, keeps the suspense. Give it a chance

Jeff H (ca) wrote: I remember liking this movie alot. I doesn't hold up like I hoped it would, but I'll still give it a pass.

Jerry F (nl) wrote: Great fun. Good laughs. Still a classic.

CC B (it) wrote: Disturbing and underrated, Frailty is an effective horror movie with a good performance by director Bill Paxton and a twisty story.

Valria V (kr) wrote: I found an original movie, smart fine performances including Justin Timberlake. "Time is money", very good ...

Andrew G (de) wrote: Showgirls is a 2+ hour long porno with some of the worst acting and dialogue ever. It's an absolute disaster, but kind of mesmerizing in its horridity. Good for laughs, but make no mistake, it's awful even by porn standards.

Ian M (au) wrote: I'm really sure that cannibal eating tribes would have kept all hostages in full thick dayglo overalls the whole time instead of stripping them before putting them in the cage. NOT!! Maybe before Eli Roth thinks about shocking us he should think about making his movies more realistic. Even the tribe being painted red the WHOLE time instead of just for rituals would have more sense. The acting is good but the whole thing is terrible... And a load of crap when looked at as a whole.

Rod A (br) wrote: Judy Davis' performance portrays both the elation of intellectual pursuits and the frustration when those explorations are stifled by a chauvinistic society. Full of nuance and energy, Davis' performance is electrifying. Sam Neil is also magnetic, though I would have loved to see more depth as far as the evolution of his romantic interest in Davis. On the whole, a well-made film.