The film follows the story of Marigold Lexton, an American actress who gets stranded in Mumbai and lands a minor role in a Bollywood musical. She meets Prem, the film's choreographer, and undergoes a personal transformation as she experiences Bollywood firsthand.

Ali Larter plays an American actress who becomes immersed in the Bollywood film world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Marigold torrent reviews

Andrey B (br) wrote: Small western movie which provides a viewer with a lot of fun and humor alongside action and drama. Outstanding cast adds much to the film's appeal. The dog earns accolades on its own right. The film looks harmoniously and easily.

Luke P (jp) wrote: best action film I've seen in years!

David J (it) wrote: Blue Valentine is so well acted and crushing near the end, and it hangs it hat on being deceptively real amidst the gushy looking cover and title.

Paul D (mx) wrote: Familiar interwoven relationships story with Greg Kinnear looking uncomfortable playing his part.

Stephen L (us) wrote: These reviews... How do you watch this and think Mos Def is mentally impaired. He just has a speech impediment like most New Yorkers. Surprisingly solid movie despite the seemingly odd pairing of Willis and Mos.

Stuart K (ru) wrote: The directorial debut of Charles Dance, who also wrote the film, adapted from a short story by William J. Locke, first published in 1908. This period drama is moved forwards to the 1930's, and it's a gentle piece with some lovely performances in it. It's the kind of thing you'd get on TV on Sunday teatimes, but it manages to hold it's own as a piece of cinema, but only just. In 1936, in a small Cornish village by the coast, sisters Ursula (Judi Dench) and Janet Widdington (Maggie Smith) live quiet lives, but their lives change when they find Polish man Andrea (Daniel Brhl) washed up on the beach near their house. Ursula and Janet take him in, and they nurse him back to health. They discover Andrea is a virtuoso violinist, and he shows off his talents to the local villagers, who accept him as one of their own. However, things change when holidaying artist Olga Daniloff (Natascha McElhone), whose brother is a famed violinist, hears Andrea play and promises him a better life, but Ursula and Janet can't let go of their guest. It's a moving and well made drama which has some lovely Cornish locations, and some good performances by Dench and Smith as the sisters. Although the concept of the film might be a bit far fetched, it works well and Dance does well as writer and director, and he should give it another go.

Lucy D (us) wrote: I tend to see this more as a drama than a comedy to be honest. It is funny at points but mostly it's poignant in its unobliging honesty.

Robert C (jp) wrote: All the stars go to Ryan Phillippe. :-p

Morgan B (au) wrote: I laughed my butt off watching this movie the first time. A great re-make of the Marx Brothers "A Night at the Opera." John Turturro is Great as a Groucho

Mark D (gb) wrote: A decent portrayal of what could have been, it doesn't go for action, more it tugs on the old heartstrings. I still prefer Threads!

Gregory W (br) wrote: just ok mystery set during vietnam conflict.

james s (kr) wrote: Also very funny. A rare good film amougnst Jim's crappy film appearances.

Bloodmarsh K (it) wrote: It's loud, has a ton of action, recycled dialogue, and also includes the highly original hooker scene. Okay, so there isn't a single damn thing original about 'Hamburger Hill,' but it does a nice job keeping you entertained, and also does a nice job killing off its highly annoying characters. If you only have time for one war movie, you can find better.

Charles P (ru) wrote: The film John Carter is muddled and hectic when it isn't tedious, and the character John Carter is stale and wooden.