Enlisting the aid of a group of Russian soldiers, a marine colonel must capture a Russian terrorist.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:soldier,   blood,   gold,  

Enlisting the aid of a group of Russian soldiers, a marine colonel must capture a Russian terrorist. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael R (br) wrote: Wtf...L/P/Y/Z...Weird Ass Shit...

Fong K (ca) wrote: Should be satisfying to the fans of the American legal system in the 70s' but to a fan of the director and his films, it offers very little understanding of the complex and sometimes dark psyche of one of the best directors of our time.

Mathieu B (fr) wrote: Gros nanar crispant qui accumule des cliches plus lourds que leur cephalopode geant

Anne A (es) wrote: I loved that they mixed them from Halloween Town in with normal high school! They were so funny and i loved it!

familiar s (gb) wrote: I was quite hesitant to go for it, but having watched it, I have no regrets. It's a fun, watchable film. Nothing beyond that, though. Falling in (Holes) once shouldn't hurt; I can't surely say the same for more than once.

Kevin S (de) wrote: After getting fired at a family resteraunt Bob goes through the phone book in alphabetical order and the next in line is a course on being a butler. He then gets hired by a women and gets along with her children. Not at first though which brings up some pretty funny events. Not everyone likes Tom Green but I don't think they get his kind of comedy. Which can be sick at times but not in this movie. I thought he was his normal funny self in this movie. It may not be a great movie but it is still pretty funny.

MF J (au) wrote: Guilty pleasure! Not a masterpiece, far from it to be honest but Pam is awesomely fit & as a kid i was in love with her! seen this film at the movies when it came out and had a ball! Now watching it nowadays is a complete different story, it's bad, lazy & cliche... proably even more than this, but guys, i love it for all these reasons!

Joseph O (ru) wrote: It's a fun movie, Arnold and Jamie-Lee Curtis' chemistry is incredible and the movie is just worth watching for that. It's just a cheesy action movie, and the ending borders on ridiculous.

mark r (ca) wrote: Teaches an amazing lesson for students and how you really should try no matter what happens and it has a great point, many different personalities in this one and it's definitely worth it to watch.

Pamela K (gb) wrote: Molly Ringwald plays a pregnant teenager, surprise, surprise. When I first saw this on TV I thought, she looks back then just like the pregnant teenage daughter of her character on "The Secret Lives of the American Teenager" now. The movie is another fairy tale about happily ever after which is unrealistic for most people, period. If most guys were like Stan there wouldn't be so many broken homes and single-parent families and problems in the world. I remember that a running theme in movies in the late 80s seemed to be teenage pregnancy and making it work out instead of just having an abortion. I didn't watch the movie back then and I really didn't care too much for it now. All I could think during the whole thing was that if all guys were like that one there would be so many fewer problems in the world it's not even funny.I almost want to know where they got that scene from the opening credits. Almost.

Steve G (kr) wrote: The Citizen Kane of '80s skateboarding films.Great opening sequence. During it, I thought I died & went to 80s heaven. I mean, one of the characters actually puts on an air guitar show, to an adoring audience!Such a California movie. It's basically West Side Story on boards. Of course it has its typical cheesy flaws, but as far as skateboarding montages go, this film has no peer!Look for an early RHCP appearance.

Sean M (mx) wrote: Cult classic with great actors!

Randy T (fr) wrote: Cynical but entertaining police drama where the real villain is 70's New York.

Tim K (jp) wrote: I learned that Clint Eastwood can kind of sing (certainly better than Johnny Depp or Pierce Brosnan), Harve Presnell can REALLY sing, and Lee Marvin likes to drink. I also learned how to look at my watch.

William W (it) wrote: Terrible, drawn out plot with countless gratuitous clichs. Jurassic Park wanabe.

Chris W (jp) wrote: Having produced the perennial cop drama classics The French Connection and Bullitt, producer Philip D'Antoni decided to direct his own entry into this genre. Oddly enough, this was his only film as a director for some reason. The film follows a group of tough cops named after the minimum sentence the majority of the perps they go after would receive for their crimes. They work under the radar, kinda like a black ops group of sorts, and the tactics these guys use rival those of the thugs they're supposed to go after. Man, gotta love the hard-boiled 70s.The plot is pretty standard, involving the mob, kidnapping, murder, and betrayal, and, while it's not quite as good as the two movies I mentioned earlier, it is nevertheless a pretty solid and enjoyable movie...definitely underrated.Roy Scheider is in the lead, and, he's as reliable as ever, though, like this, movie, he's still pretty underrated. I unfortunately don't remember much of the performances from the others, but I doubt they were god awful or anything. As good as this movie is, I think what keeps it from being truly great is that it just doesn't have the charm or excitement (overall) to make it truly memorable. There is one scene, maybe the only scene that most people seem to know of, that really shines. It's a car chase scene, and yes, it is cool. High stakes, high speed, great stunt work, and all done practically. There's some other good scenes, but none ever top this one, but at least it takes place in the middle of the film, instead of forcing the viewer to sit through tons of biuild up and putting it at the very end. I'm running out of things to say without repeating myself, so let's just leave it as this being a good, though somewhat dull movie that could have been better.