Marion Bridge

Marion Bridge

Three estranged sisters reunite to care for their dying mother and old conflicts and secrets return to the surface.

Three estranged sisters reunite to care for their dying mother and old conflicts and secrets return to the surface. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Siva N (de) wrote: Watch it only for Ajith!!!

William G (jp) wrote: An intense conclusion to saga. It also helps when Tony Jaa does his thing. Wildly entertaining.

John H (us) wrote: There's really only so much of this even a true fan of animation and smut can put up with. Drawn Together has made it a point to be as offensive and disgusting at every possible juncture but after 3 seasons, no one cares anymore. Sure there are funny moments but they cannot overcome the movies persistant need to push the line. Also taking a shot at South Park was pretty uncalled for as it was shows like that who are responsible for shows like this even having a chance to be seen. So essentially this movie should not have been made and was almost discrediting for what the show was, mindless... 3 seasons and a movie of mindless humor is unecessary but unfortunately that's the way many animated shows are going now-adays.

linda a (jp) wrote: don't think I would like it..

Raphael S (ca) wrote: Bastante parecido com o que eu lembro da HQ, brutal e violento. Um dos problemas que o tempo parece no passar to rpido qto d a entender, o que acaba prejudicando um pouco o andamento da histria.

Sean F (ca) wrote: Holy Christ, where do I start? Gleen Close is the only reason to see this piece of garbage. Other than her, it's one of those movies where all the rich white New Yorkers have everything going for them but can't seem to be anything but miserable. Everybody slogs through their roles like they're trying to show just how terrible their lives are, and the revelations at the end ring false because it's impossible to care about anyone who doesn't care about themselves first. It wants to be Closer, but that movie had the courage to be about really terrible people in an unapologetic way, and Heights is content to be bored with boring people.

Brenden K (it) wrote: I know that it is against the law for a teenage male, like myself, to watch a "chick-flick". Someone take away my manhood, please. But all jokes aside, My opinion on "Legally Blonde" is rather...mixed. While the film is funny and good-natured (Mostly). The movie's issues become more obvious in the second half. As there are many plotholes, bad story pacing, and a few scenes that are cringy and pointless (i.e. The "Snap-Back" Dance). (SPOILER ALERT)My biggest issue is that Elle (Witherspoon) would've been a stronger character, and lawyer, if she defended the woman she was getting to know in the barber shop, Paulette (Coolidge). Instead of defending her friend, Chutney (Cardellini), whom she knew for a long time already. It would've made the movie's message more powerful."Legally Blonde" would've been a good film, if it didn't have a ridiculous setup and an unnatural payoff. But I guess this'll work in a girl's night out.

Curt B (ru) wrote: Finally, a David Mamet film worth watching all the way through...

Daniel D (us) wrote: It's an ok film, but it's mostly dull and tiresome.

Judy C (ca) wrote: how can i watch this on my computer

Aaron V (br) wrote: The Lone Ranger is by far one of the worst Disney films I've seen in my entire life! I went to go see this film with my grandpa because he grew up watching the Lone Ranger tv series in the 50s. And even he hated this film! This film is also very dark at some parts. In one scene the bad guy who I forgot his name but I really don't care what his name is anyway. The bad guy goes up to a dead body and cuts the chest open of the dead body and what does he do. He takes out the dead body's heart and eats it. You heard me right, he eats a heart. This is coming from the same company that brought us FAMILY FILMS like The Little Mermaid! I hate this film! I don't recommend watching this film even if you like western films.

Hannah D (nl) wrote: ummm some bad messages