Part documentary, part expose, this film follows one-time child evangelist Marjoe Gortner on the "church tent" Revivalist circuit, commenting on the showmanship of Evangelism and "the religion business", prior to the start of "televangelism".

Part documentary, part expose, this film follows one-time child evangelist Marjoe Gortner on the "church tent" Revivalist circuit, commenting on the showmanship of Evangelism and "the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leena L (ca) wrote: truly beautiful scenery and great acting but why on earth would she go on a revenge trip with her son? And why go in the first place? So pointless and so doomed from the beginning.

Megan W (ca) wrote: This was a strange movie. Nothing like what I expected because the trailer was totally different. The end was kinda strange too and it was somewhat confusing.

Jonathan R (au) wrote: Brilliant. Just sit back and laugh at all the pretentious critics who just don't get it.

Dammy G (de) wrote: An abysmal prequel to a really bad movie.

Will H (es) wrote: Ridley Scott, even when slightly off his game, usually turns in a strong narrative, and White Squall would be a prime example of one of the renowned director's lesser efforts. Based on the 1960 sinking of the brigantine ship Albatross, the majority of the picture's runtime is a run-of-the-mill, but well-told, well-characterized, and well-made story of adventure on the high seas. Scott directs with his usual sense of visual flair; make no mistake, the Ridley Scott stamp is all over the imagery here. Screenwriter Todd Robinson also creates a number of well-drawn characters, so that by the time disaster strikes, we care about their ultimate fate. It also features the always-strong Jeff Bridges in the lead role as "Skipper" Sheldon, who lends a necessary commanding presence once the ill-timed eponymous squall arrives. Caroline Goodall ably plays the role of his wife, Alice, and Scott Wolf, while somewhat wooden, serves well enough as our narrator, Chuck Gieg. Ryan Phillippe gives arguably the breakout performance of the movie, as the shy Gil Martin. Hans Zimmer protege Jeff Rona provides a sufficing score, and Hugh Johnson's beautiful cinematography only enhances the sense of adventure permeating the film. However, if there's one complaint I could fairly level against the movie, it's that everything simply is "necessary" or "suffices". Nothing ever happens in White Squall that truly moves it into the upper echelon of Scott's works, or makes it more than the exuberant, but ultimately tame, story that it is. Nevertheless, fans of Scott or Bridges should check this one out.

Chris P (gb) wrote: From the director of Phantasm, a movie about going into the woods and being attacked by crazy people. I wish he had included the evil midgets from Phantasm.

Kathryn N (mx) wrote: Uh, there is a reason you've never heard of this movie, or why it's not a cult classic. Love Cusack though :)

JeanFranois T (es) wrote: Charming and funny, but boring in the end

Michael T (es) wrote: Anatole Litvak could not decide if he was directing a Hitchcockian Thriller about a mismatched couple with a bizarre get-rich-quick scheme or if he was directing a serious Drama with Thriller trappings about a mismatched couple and their deteriorating marriage. Lisa (Sophie Loren) married Bob (Anthony Perkins) when she was a young woman in economically-ravaged postwar Italy and he was an American GI who seemed to offer the world to her. Now the couple is in Paris and Lisa holds down a steady job at a high-end Parisian boutique while Bob drifts from job to job, listless and lacking the drive to succeed. Bob's boyish charms and good looks have opened a lot of doors but his immaturity, lack of resolve, and an irrational jealousy about his wife have closed a lot of doors. Lisa tells Bob she wants to leave him. Then he miraculously walks away from a plane crash whilst on route to Casablanca; the authorities think that Bob is among the dead and there is a life insurance policy that the widow can collect on and Bob convinces Lisa to do so, promising to get out of her life with the money. But Bob's anger, jealousy, and bad luck may sink the plan. A young American boy, Johnny (Tommy Nordon) spots Bob hiding in the apartment and an American reporter, David (Gig Young) becomes interested in Lisa and suspicious of her at the same time. Not a bad little film, but it wasn't anything I had not seen before in other Thrillers, I predicted the outcome well before it occurred.

Victoria h (br) wrote: it was awesome but i dont remember all of it

Bryan P (es) wrote: really, kinda boring...

Hannah R (es) wrote: This is particularly good.. an amazing number of fabulous songs and dances-- some very upbeat ones, and a few more intimate, slow ones... and then the few silly ones.

Ker Malkin G (fr) wrote: Propaganda; that's what this is.

Raul M (nl) wrote: Way over-hyped. Really??? ... Spend $billions$ to save 1 life, when 1,000,000's lives could be saved instead. Not surprised, becuz today in reality, governments spend $Billions$ for space explorations, rather than spend it on saving Millions Of Lives here on Earth! Pathetic & SAD state of Humanity! :-(

Corinne S (es) wrote: Light hearted comedy.

Rob M (de) wrote: I loved PARENTS (1989), this looks a bit Broad for my tastes, but I want to see Balabans follow up. PARENTS is deep and psychological, this looks more in the 'mindless fun' category. If it's something like THE ADDAMS FAMILY then I may just like it.