Marjorie Morningstar

  • Language:English
  • Release:1958
  • Length:128 minutes
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  • Writer:Everett Freeman (screenplay), Herman Wouk (novel)
  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5

. . Meanwhile| their relationship deepens (though| consistent with '50s Hollywood mores| the more full-fledged sexuality in their relationship is never
explicitly communicated. As they pursue an on-again-off-again relationship| Marjorie completes her studies at Hunter College| and works to establish
an acting career| while Noel first leaves the theater for a job with an advertising agency| but later completes a musical he'd started writing before he and Marjorie
had first met. Noel himself warns Marjorie repeatedly that she's much too naive and conventional for
him| but they nonetheless fall in love. Like Marjorie| he is an upper-middle-class New York Jew (born 'Ehrman')| but has fallen away from his roots| and Marjorie's parents object among
other things to his lack of a suitable profession| such as medicine or law. While working as a counselor at a summer camp| college-student Marjorie Morgenstern falls for 32-year-old Noel Airman| a would-be dramatist working at a nearby
summer theater