Mark Twain Tonight!

Mark Twain Tonight!

Recreating the one-man show he starred in on Broadway, Hal Holbrook portrays Mark Twain as a 70-year old humorist who skewers politicians, newspapermen and so-called patriots in this 90 minute monologue. Holbrook adapted Twain's own words for a commentary on slavery, religion and politics, mixing the satire with comic yarns about life on the Mississippi and a very effective ghost story. The show's highlight are the lengthy passages from "Huckleberry Finn".

Recreating the one-man show he starred in on Broadway, 'Hal Holbrook' portrays Mark Twain as a 70-year old humorist who skewers politicians, newspapermen and so-called patriots in this 90 ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kay L (ru) wrote: Love how many comedians are in this.

Rajesh S (es) wrote: Best Bollywood film I've seen for a long time...

Greg W (gb) wrote: another version of the 'going hollywood to be a star' tale

Jerome M (au) wrote: The presence of Rod Taylor is a fun tidbit, but there is too much slow exposition to this movie: it takes itself a little too seriously. The Raven actors (in their live-action, puppet & CG form) are fun to watch.

Austin F (kr) wrote: 83% Slapstick filled and hilarious, for those who enjoy the raunchy kind of humor. The raunchiness is strongly relied on by its illogical and cartoonish plot.

Byron B (gb) wrote: Part two is much more slowly paced, quieter, and has less personal investment. A lot of bad press has built and become accepted about Fidel and Che's revolutionary movement in Cuba. Che must assume a new identity to enter Bolivia, in fact rebel fighters from all other countries coming to help the movement in Bolivia must assume Bolivian nationality to even fight with the few rebel fighters there. The Bolivian culture from the peasants to the military commanders has a strong distrust of foreigners and anti-communist sentiments are stronger now. You don't get to know the band of revolutionary fighters that Che helps lead as individuals as much in this part of the story. The military with American assistance is becoming more technologically savvy, while the revolutionaries try to follow easily manipulated news reports on the radio. The revolutionaries cannot build their numbers since the peasants do not support them in the same way as Cuban peasants supported the movement. They have some communication breakdown, and despite what Che says during the first part, the size of the armies does matter. It is all very depressing to see the downhill fall of Che's efforts in this Bolivian conflict. Though he has such a love of humanity and struggles against oppressive governments, he is made out to be a monster by those in favor of keeping the poor poor and the educated men in power in power. I don't think you should see this part without also seeing the first part. If this second part was viewed alone, I think I would rate it a little lower, but it is boosted by being the antithesis failure to the first part's success.

Eliabeth C (fr) wrote: definitely a predictable chick flick

Charlie M (fr) wrote: Stupid comedy where all the white townspeople are ignorant racists who accuse the black guy of robbing a convenience store. Stupid plot with dumb characters throughout.

Tyson P (it) wrote: a bunch rich kids kidnapp a mob boss and are terrible at it. dennis leary somehow finds them.....? yeah the plot is real straight forward and u dont trust anyone in the movie so the twists dont blow any mindss....

Elisabeth G (br) wrote: For the sake of eye candy... he looks increadible, I'm drooling just looking at the cover. Mwahaha...

Stephanie H (fr) wrote: this movie was sad,funny and ouch i wathced it like 3 times already

Chris B (de) wrote: A very well known cult film that follows a married couple as they are shafted numerous times and must "adapt" to their situation in order to open their dream restaurant. Wow this is some black humor and is both disturbing, hilariously absurd, and offers some social commentary as well. You really just have to see it in order to know the absurdity and hilariousness of Eating Raoul. Of course it is rated R for some expected sexual content and nudity as well as language and other adult material.

Brother G (mx) wrote: One of my favorite movies; great acting by Scott who steals the show, though Curly and the Southern Belle he encounters make a good romance subplot story. The music is great,(once you hear the harmonica motif, you'll be humming it for days) the crazy chases they have from law (Meeshaw!) and all the con aritst scams Mortachai pulls are too much,. Watch it! And what do you know, it's directed by the legendary Irvin Kershner!

Rosemary K (br) wrote: The late Fonda and Hepburn shine in this film .Fonda's daughter Jane is also sweet. We find this great movie to be about a man who senses when his life has come full circle; Norman is crabby and scuffs at all people he meets.Their daughter left,on account of her not able to "compete" or fulfill her daddy's "standards". On the event of Norman's birthday,she tries to make amends and seems a bit fearful of him.When Norman gets lost finding berries,we see that he seems scared to be "inept". That fear grows as we see him unable to control the fire he started.I enjoy this film that shows how families try to work things out and communicate.Bravo to Henry,daughter Jane and awesome Hepburn.I love this!