Marked Woman

Marked Woman

Set in the underworld of Manhattan, Marked Woman tells the story of a woman who dares to stand up to one of the city's most powerful gangsters. The women of the story are "hostesses". What is implied, but not stated clearly is that they are prostitutes, who work in a gambling den in the city.

A crusading DA persuades a clip joint "party girl" to testify against her mobster boss after her innocent sister is accidentally murdered during one of his unsavory "parties." . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jaws N (it) wrote: A great throwback to the 80s and original, even made over twenty years later and still looks and feels like the campy first film!

Lorin F (mx) wrote: an incredibly gorgeous adaptation which proves that the message of "les liaisons dangereuses" is universal. i loved also the very subtle wry humor

Raven B (ru) wrote: this is a very great movie. regaurdless of what the other simpletons think.. you dont adress the movie as starring a bunch of "ghetto kids" its about kids that are sick of the schools conditions and sick of being misunderstood. so they finally take there stand. althought it does have usher in it, still a very heartfelt movie that makes people like me remember how it was in school, and how bad our shit sucked and what we could have done about it. honestly if u dont like this movie then suck my ass.

Freeman M (au) wrote: Hmm. This hasn't aged as well as I'd hoped.

Gwen D (ag) wrote: I think this was on TV at midnight at every single slumber party I attended as a elementary schooler. I have not seen it since puberty, but remember how creepy scary it was. I think this movie may be the reason that my first two pets were rats.

Bill B (kr) wrote: I finally gave this Giallo a spin the other day and I am pleased to have finally crossed it off the list! The story of child murders and the mystery connecting them, it's a fun little whodunnit and I would recommend giving it a spin if you have the chance.Rental!