Retrospective on the career of enigmatic screen diva Marlene Dietrich.

Retrospective on the career of enigmatic screen diva Marlene Dietrich. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eleanor R (au) wrote: A political satire set in Turaqistan, a country occupied by an American private corporation run by a former US Vice-President. In an effort to monopolize the opportunities the war-torn nation offers, the corporation's CEO hires a troubled hit man, to kill a Middle East oil minister. Now, struggling with his own growing demons, the assassin must pose as the corporation's Trade Show Producer in order to pull off this latest hit, while maintaining his cover by organizing the high-profile wedding of Yonica Babyyeah an outrageous Middle Eastern pop star, and keeping a sexy left wing reporter in check.

pave m (us) wrote: watch all the credits :)

Akreeti S (it) wrote: this movie is hilaro

Brian P (ca) wrote: the scenes were shot wonderfully with good scenic backgrounds of Africa, and wildlife. the elephant charging at the end would scare anyone.

Brian M (au) wrote: This is the original film that inspired The Birdcage with Robin Williams. I have seen the Birdcage hundreds of times, but, this is my first time seeing the original version. (I have seen it before, but only in bits and pieces) As I sat there watching this movie, I could not believe how much of it was copied almost scene for scene in the Birdcage. The only difference being the Black servant, and the fact that it is all spoken in French with subtitles. There might have been a few differences, but, the Birdcage is almost a mirror image of it. Robin Williams almost looks like his French Counterpart. And, the actor who had the same role as Nathan Lane was just as clever. Not all of the acting in this version is as good as what is offered in the Birdcage, but what is good about it, is very good. I really enjoyed this movie. The First movie I ever watched where I actually read every subtitle, and critiqued almost every scene. But, I think you almost have to watch the Birdcage first, to enjoy it.

Matty S (jp) wrote: Quietly powerful examination of a decaying culture lensed through the lives of late 1960's Hollywood that remains surprisingly relevant in the 21st Century.

Ward G (au) wrote: One of the biggest disapointments ever. Now I know why it stayed out of print so long. The only part of a star I gave it was in honor to the incredible roster of talent so horribly wasted here. I have enjoyed most of the mains in other westerns, as well as the director. This movie seemed to have no pacing, did not know what it wanted to do. Gag OVER used lady with her horn. I began hoping someone would shoot her, as it became annoying, and not funny fast. Watched it once.. sold it, would never watch it again. Barely was able to sit through to the end.