Marriage Da Garriage

Marriage Da Garriage

Ex-cons encounter an odd request when they get into the wedding planning business.

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Derek F (jp) wrote: Very entertaining! Clever premise, if completely far-fetched. Definitely held my interest!

mike l (au) wrote: wow... the audience sure got this one wrong. even the critics underrated it. i enjoyed this movie a lot. the pacing is rather slow. the landscape bleak and the story has a few holes in it but it creates a mesmerizing mood. there are many bloody fight scenes and violence.i'd give it between 3 and 1/2 stars and four but i'll bump it up to four since it is so underrated.

Gabriel G (br) wrote: Toilet and sex humor all around, nothing you would take your brain to. Young Adult humor. They aren't exactly clever, but they made me laugh.

David B (gb) wrote: Was alright kinda creepy sex scenes though

Susan S (br) wrote: Sandra Oh was fantastic. Jennifer Tilly was crazy as usual. Confusing at times but erotic dancing was good.

Brian M (us) wrote: Blu-Ray in March!!!!! One of Lloyds best!!!

Paul C (nl) wrote: Barely memorable western with Brynner as a rogueish outlaw, pursued by a bounty hunter and the marshall (Richard Crenna -an old war buddy). The action takes second place to the one-upmanship between Brynner and Crenna - with some comic moments, but not as funny as it thinks it is.

Sotiris K (jp) wrote: A tremendously influencial masterpiece of aesthetics and narration. The best of Kurosawa's early works.

Richard D (mx) wrote: A stylish film, but a fairly turgid and dull one. If your climax involves both Peter Stormare and Tilda SWinton, and it's still pretty dull, there's no hope for your film.

Sean C (gb) wrote: I loved the H.P. Lovecraft story, but this is kind of far removed. I always love Boris Karloff in anything, but as usual with many of the American International pictures, the movie has one established star and then a bunch of minnie actors. It still had some nice moments but kind of forgetable.

Marilyn A Hernnde A (ag) wrote: muy buena, me gusto...

Bryan C (jp) wrote: This is a perfectly pleasant movie with some witty, clever moments. And I can appreciate the quality of the movie. That said, I can't believe this won Best Picture. **Looks at nominees from 1999** Wow, not a very deep field. But this over Saving Private Ryan? Come on.Grade: B

Arry F (ru) wrote: I never knew you can rent movies at HMV. lol

Cynthia J (it) wrote: So this has been on my "to watch" list since I saw the very first trailer. I just had the opportunity to watch it and I am in awe of Maggie Smith. I laughed until there were tears in my eyes and managed to snort my tea in the process. Then came the moments where the tears turned to sadness and they were somehow just as sweet as the others. I haven't been touched by a film like this in a very very long time. It was just superbly well done from the writing to the casting to the performances. Just spot on brilliant, absolutely brilliant.