Marriage Italian Style

The rich man Domenico and Filumena, a penniless prostitute, share great part of their lives in the immediate post WWII Italy.

. . . She becomes a prostitute, but also becomes the mistress of Domenico. Domenico, a successfull businessman, with an eye for the girls, begins an affair with Filumena when she is 17 years old

Marriage Italian Style is the best great movie of Eduardo De Filippo (play), Renato Castellani (screenplay), Tonino Guerra (screenplay), Leonardo Benvenuti (screenplay), Piero De Bernardi (screenplay). The released year of this movie is 1964. There are many actors in this movie torrents, such as Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni, Aldo Puglisi, Tecla Scarano, Marilù Tolo, Gianni Ridolfi, Generoso Cortini, Vito Moricone, Rita Piccione, Lino Mattera, Alfio Vita, Alberto Castaldi, Anna Santoro, Enza Maggi, Mara Marilli. There are many categories, such as Romance. This movie was rated by 7.5 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie torrents. Share with your friends and watch this movie together

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