Married for 7 Years

Married for 7 Years


After seven years of marriage, a couple of professional workers (he, a doctor and she, a banker) try to refresh their sex life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Married for 7 Years torrent reviews

notygirl (ag) wrote: kat u r awesome!!! I love dis movie...!!!

thomas (au) wrote: wish for a game of pumpkinhead

James H (br) wrote: Very ordinary movie with a used plot done often before. Cliche ridden but is helped by the presence of Rae Dawn Chong. Fair special effects, but not much else.

Vineeta S (br) wrote: For a movie that has so much to do with music, the soundtrack was awful. The resolution was ... weird, but not too bad for Bollywood. And even though I don't think Ingmar Bergman would have exactly been "proud," Shabana Azmi and Urmila performed excellently. (And it's so cute that they're mother-daughter ## years after Masoom.)

Gary C (jp) wrote: love thy enemy in a pow camp. would be unbelievable except that it's based on real events. technically rocky at first, but the story/content pulls you through to the end, making for an interesting, thought provoking film.

Katy M (nl) wrote: it has been a pretty long time since i've seen this lol but it was alright

Modi M (ag) wrote: A note just for myself:: Please do not watch it again.

jwasu r (gb) wrote: gary oldman fans dig this.

Jason C (de) wrote: This was actually way better than I had imagined it would be. Attenborough makes for one creepy serial killer who you just want to smash in the face. I am sure Timothy Evans appreciated his pardon tho lol.