Married in a Year

Married in a Year

You too can find true love. Just ask the thousands of happy couples brought together by Patti Stanger, CEO of the Millionaire's Club matchmaking service and star of Bravo's hit TV series "Millionaire Matchmaker". Now Patti can help your marriage dreams come true with Married in a Year - her proven, easy-to-follow 12-month action plan for finding love. With her expert knowledge and up-beat, no-nonsense approach, Patti will motivate and guide you through all the stages.

You too can find true love. Just ask the thousands of happy couples brought together by Patti Stanger, CEO of the Millionaire's Club matchmaking service and star of Bravo's hit TV series "... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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laura b (jp) wrote: expected so much more from this film. It was really long winded. It was bored throughout most of it. Probably wouldn't have been worth watching without leonardo. Had to wiki the first part of the film as it was really confusing and un explained.

Maha M (br) wrote: Woow that was really sad.

Roger R (au) wrote: Perhaps the bleakest film I have ever seen. And the moral is "never date a sex worker." This is a film I love to watch over and over again. Sasha Grey plays perfectly the prostitute who sees her work as a way to trade up in the relationship stakes and by her work find a high "status" (read net worth) male with whom she can make a special connection. . But she seems to ignore her own insight that "the clients are not interested in who you are but who they want you to be": - my only criticism of the film is that I don't understand why her boyfriend wants to be in a relationship with her and tolerates the situation as long as he does

Kenneth B (ca) wrote: So Hellrasier 8 is the one where they go all post-modern (whatever that means these days) and start referring directly to the franchise. The idea is that we are living within a world where Hellraiser is fiction and people play Hellraiser games on computers and go to Hellraiser themed events. So a group of friends go to one such event in a mansion which is being host by Lance Henriksen. Therein various odd things happen and I'll leave the synopsis there because it gets very muddled indeed. In fact there is a whole segment at the end where they basically recap the whole film, just in case we either missed it the first time or just enjoyed it so much. Actually neither is true, its just padding the film out and is a feeble attempt at justifying the 'reveal'. Of course the things that they show in flashback are things that we noticed anyway and kind of saw coming. There is nothing good about Hellworld. The acting is dreadful, the production values are a mere notch above woeful and the writing it dead on woeful. This is the weakest of all 8 Hellraiser films that I have seen and is just so far removed from the original that if not for Doug Bradley's prickly antagonist this could have been any brainless, lowest common denominator horror film from the past ten years.

Serge L (jp) wrote: Tough film with tough bitches, some psychopathic. Pretty good acting although sometimes the girls seemed to go one notch too far. Maybe it was the story. The girl was drawing much too well to be credible. The murder did not make sense. The first bitch was too mean to be Christian and adopting. Rene character was too happy and easy to suicide. Still, it was refreshing to depict women like this. Beware the bitches!

Dimitri V (ru) wrote: This is a good movie with great interaction between Linda Fiorentino and Wesley Snipes. There is a anti-gun message in this movie and that makes it more realistic. The plot could be more spectacular, because at the moment the SWAP team finds the sniper, he had already committed suicide.

BruceGifford J (fr) wrote: You'd think a movie with Liam Neeson, Oliver Platt, and Sandra Bullock would be sure to be good, but this film is just more proof that good actors is only one ingredient to making a good film. Story is key and this one just isn't that interesting. There are a few good laughs, but it gets old fast as it continues with the same jokes throughout the film.

Michael H (ag) wrote: City Slickers is a good ole fun time, loaded with laughs, cows, bulls, horses, and Curly! Billy Crystal does nothing but intrigue us with his witty antics of comeback comedy, and the movie delivers great characterization around him. It was a fun story of city boys trying to understand the western way so to speak, and it didn't disappoint. No doubt, an entertaining horse ride!

Greg N (jp) wrote: If you're gay, this movie should offend you and if you're straight you should be offended that Sinatra would turn down Jacquelline Bisset for Lee Remick. This movie sucks. Like Sinatra. James Ellroy got it right. He was a, "macho branded mama's boy."

Sreejith M (br) wrote: The problem with a talky movie like My dinner with Andre is that after 2 minutes of each and every line you tend to forget what the actors are talking about. I tried to see this movie at least couple of times but my attention started to wander after 10 minutes in to the movie. Well, does that say something about the movie..?? May be not.. But for now, alI can say is that "Its not my cup of tea".. :(

Norm d (kr) wrote: - "I cheat, I steal, I lie, but I'm decent." Marnie, of how she was raised by her suppressing mother. - Maybe Hitchcock's masterpiece. Why? His talent is fully deployed, even sublimated, in the service of the material - and the superbly guided performances, maybe Connery's best during his 007 years, and even if Grace backed-out after committing. Imagine if Hitch had been hired to direct one of Connery's Bonds (except he didn't like location work out of the studio). It's surprising Diane Baker wasn't picked-up as a Bond girl she's so terrific and hungrily forward flirting as a Hitch femme fantastique.At the midpoint there's a very long exposition, perhaps the only legit criticism. A psychological ride, "Marnie" perhaps only now is being appreciated as it should've been. Dern's leg between Latham's character's legs in close-up? How did that get by the scissored censors of the day, the ones who had the camera swing to the porthole on-board the honeymoon cruise? The only lingering Q was what-was-it that engaged Connery's character with such a broken woman, especially with his sister-in-law displaying everything a virile man would want.A film the french would and do love.

Rasheed T (mx) wrote: While it's CG is overwhelmingly good and the action scenes were okay, the story didn't feel very strong.

Matthew D (mx) wrote: (snores for 1hr and 22 mins)

Eric H (us) wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed this powerful film, particularly for its witty writing, great camera work, and editing. It is on par with To Kill a Mockingbird in terms of its comprehensive treatment of prejudice.