Marrying the Mafia II

Marrying the Mafia II

The oldest son of the White Tiger Gang is pressured by his family to settle down and get married; but when he finds the perfect girl, she turns out to be a state prosecutor for crimes of violence, specifically gangster related. The district attorney is a look-a-like of the gangster's former fiancee who died getting hit by a truck. Their feelings develop for each other but her co-worker turns out to like her as well. She does not like him so the latter turns to the darker side of the law, by conspiring with the rival Axe Gang. Unfortunately for him, the mafia son has more that a few tricks up his sleeve and gets support from his dim-witted brothers and henchman.

Mrs. Hong is the crime boss for a large mafia group. She orders her two sons, Kyung-Jae and Suk-Jae to find an elite wife for her eldest son In-Jae. In-Jae then meets beautiful Jin-Kyung, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rodney W (mx) wrote: An achingly bittersweet story wrapping lush visuals around the heart Studio Ghibli's films celebrate so effortlessly. Not as fantasy-driven as their mainstays, but no less affecting for the realism in its drama.

Kevin E (mx) wrote: wow... despite the really cheesy mountains of madness part, this one was quite unsettling and eerie. Shimizu does a great job here

Rikki S (fr) wrote: Mediocre. Acceptable. Occasionally regrettable.

Jennifer N (au) wrote: So absurd that its enjoyable.

Grant S (fr) wrote: Good drama, the true story of the relationship between author CS Lewis and Joy Gresham. Moving and thought-provoking. A bit too drawn out though.Good performances from Anthony Hopkins and Debra Winger in the lead roles.

Matt M (kr) wrote: Extremely suspenseful

Michael L (us) wrote: Hilarious and completely over the top!

Chris W (ru) wrote: Funny and charming, even if it is a typical Christmas film. Rebecca Harrell and Sam Elliott are wonderful.

Keldon M (it) wrote: Great movieAll A+ cast.

bill s (ca) wrote: Was there a singularly better performance in a war movie that was on par with Scott's Patton?If there is then I have yet to see it.

Steve R (gb) wrote: Good to see Ian Ogilvy in a film but poor script.

Chad B (de) wrote: Tennant's unique and entrancing performance makes this excellent and polished production incredibly memorable.

Michelle S (ca) wrote: At the beginning I was wondering if the whole movie was going to be watching this guy in a coffin. It was. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be or some reviewers said, but I also wasn't on the edge of my seat too often. I was confused about the music during the credits. It was lively compared to the movie, a complete opposite tone that made you say WTF?!? when it starts.

Zachary M (br) wrote: The idea may be a bit intriguing, but the execution falls way beyond short. The death scenes which are what the series is most iconic for are very lacking. I understand they beefed them up for squeals, but I can't imagine why they would since this movie is so underwhelming. And the acting, the acting in this is atrocious. No one delivers a believable or motivated performance. It is the text book definition of bland acting, not caring in the slightest. I thought the original would be better than the sequels, yet somehow it may be worse. What a waste.

Dr F P (au) wrote: I actually thought this was pretty good with a feel-good factor (GOD i HATE that phrase but what the hell). The airport scenes were funny. I liked Jon Heder after only seeing him in Napoleon Dynamite. There's not much to be said about this, it's just an updated version of the 1960's version. All the cast play their parts well, what more can you say? It's kind of an average Rom Com type thing but A LOT better than most. I still don't understand the name of it though, there's not a scoundrel in sight.