The discovery of life on Mars places a robotic expedition and a manned mission in a race to the Red Planet. On the way we discover that love - biological, spiritual, and even mechanical - can flourish in all kinds of ways. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Mars torrent reviews

Robert T (de) wrote: Kathleen Turner was great.

Matt C (us) wrote: This looks made-for-TV.

Felicitas v (es) wrote: Somehow this film manages to get dull, after a while. No matter how exciting the subject itself seems. Rhys Ifans looks to old, but plays very well.

James P (es) wrote: A good Halloween movie to watch at night, spookie

Vinny D (de) wrote: I loved this movie, worth it to have on DVD

David W (au) wrote: All-Star hey! The Dreamworks road to victory begins here!

Frances H (es) wrote: A unique plot line-the life of a musical instrument instead of a person, beautiful score played by the virtuoso Joshua Bell,breathtaking cinematography,and great performances. There has never been another movie like it.

Paul C (ru) wrote: Take a cult classic, remove the best characters and throw the remainder back into the minors. That is this movie. It just really does not have the hype the first did. The second wasn't even that big and they still made this movie. I am sure if they managed to get the original cast back they would of done better, but I am sure all the actors would of not wanted to be in this movie.

VJ B (jp) wrote: It's the bizarro "notebook!"

Francis M (fr) wrote: A warm, funny and touching film, that perhaps only Matthau and Lemmon together can work so well. High notes -Ac - Walter Matthau.Script.

Kevin R (fr) wrote: Being an Indian isn't a matter of blood, it is a way of life.Billy Jack is a former Green Beret who served in the Vietnam War. He didn't agree with the war, and when his time of service was over, he returned home to live on an Indian reservation. Billy is half American and half Native American, but he studies the old ways with a shaman in the caves. He also serves as the protector and police force for the Native Americans as well as a special school that has recently opened on the reservation. Unfortunately, some locals don't like Native Americans or the school, and Billy may go down fighting to protect his people and the children of the school."You're making a mistake.""I've made them before."Tom Laughlin, director of The Proper Time; Like Father, Like Son; The Born Losers; The Trial of Billy Jack; Billy Jack Goes to Washington; and The Return of Billy Jack, delivers Billy Jack. The storyline for this picture is okay but seemed too much of a mix of Indian culture and the school was almost depicted as "cult like." The racial stereo types and lessons learned were depicted well and the action scenes were definitely cool. The cast delivers okay performances and includes Tom Laughlin, Victor Izay, Delores Taylor, and Clark Howat. "When was the last time you cut your hair?""When was the last time you brushed your teeth, sir?"I watched this picture off Netflix because the plot sounded interesting (and it was scheduled to come off Netflix on 3/10). I will say the premise was okay and some aspects of this film were awesome; but overall, the run time was too long and some plot points were not as good as intended. This film is just okay and definitely could have been better."When police break the law there is no law."Grade: C+

Jason M (mx) wrote: Another showcase for Fellini's wife as the protagonist, he explores the use of colour for the first time in his career, to great success.I find this one of Fellini's weaker efforts, dealing with a woman's self discovery. It may be less relevant to day than it was in the 60s. Fellini showcased his use of the abstract in this film, which he went on to use subsequently in The Satyricon and other masterpieces. The film has not aged well and is much less sophisticated today than upon its release.

Danny V (ca) wrote: It really affected me and I don't know why, but it's just so odd and beautiful and there's all these incredible moments in it.

Les E (ru) wrote: Beautiful story with a stamp of real quality given by Brando.

David S (nl) wrote: Simple story well served by its unadorned style and its wonderfully realistic atmosphere.

Sgt C (mx) wrote: (16%) Elijah Wood as a football hooligan? What next, the killer in "Maniac"? It's clear the guy wants to branch out, but this ain't the movie to do so as this, just like the gang in question, is a terrible choice to involve himself with. The movie as a gritty drama misses the mark by some margin as it almost feels like a Hollywood writer penned it after reading half an article on angry burly football fans beating the crap out of each other for no good reason other than they are mindless thugs that happen to support another club. The plot is lazy, exploitative, and so far from any sort of reality that I almost expect to see flying monkeys swoop over head. If anyone from overseas is shocked by this movie then don't be, as it is total claptrap right down to the fake cockney accents and its ridiculously contrived story.

Blake W (br) wrote: Watched Scarface over a dozen times. Love it