A single woman in her early thirties, Martha (Margit Carstensen) is on vacation with her father in Europe when he has a heart attack and falls down dead...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:116 minutes
  • Release:1974
  • Language:German,Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Martha 1974 full movies, Martha torrents movie

A single woman in her early thirties, Martha (Margit Carstensen) is on vacation with her father in Rome when he has a heart attack and falls down dead. She reacts rather indifferently and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Martha torrent reviews

Pavan R (ru) wrote: Very entertaining comedy and family drama. Lots of great lessons for a Indian family too. A must watch for the whole family


Chyenne M (ru) wrote: For genwunner Yu-Gi-Oh! fans I would think this movie would be spectacular. When I watched it I found it entertaining, but nothing mind blowing for the most famous and iconic card game in the world. Still entertaining to watch, but don't expect a masterpiece.

Kenneth B (es) wrote: I'll confess I didn't know anything about this other than it was a Mike Leigh film. It is starkly grim and despite her actions Drake's plight is all the more affecting given her intentions and apparent naivety. Leigh's scripting is spot on, it amazes me just how he manages to make seemingly mundane dialogue compelling. Vera Drake is one of those understated films that creeps up on its audience slowly and will resonate long after the credits roll. Oh and Imelda Staunton is superb.

Augustine H (ag) wrote: At the beginning I think it is another family drama. But after the big twist, it gradually turns into a revenge thriller. The part approaching to the end reminds me of "Mystic River" and you may probably become sympathetic with that hateful villain. Another glamarous thing is the cast performance, particularly for Tom Wilkinson. Sissy Spacek and Marisa Tomei are great as well.

Louise T (au) wrote: A young Harrison gotta love him...

Timothy K (nl) wrote: It's definitely one of the much better Elvis flicks, even though it does follow the same formula of Scene-Set up Song- Sing Song- Woo Woman- Next Scene- Set up Song- Sing Song- Woo Women. Elvis's charisma masks this as well as the film's male chauvinistic characteristics. One Last note, Judy Tyler died not long after filming ended, in a car accident with her husband. Elvis was so emotionally hurt, he would never be able to watch the film once released.

Isabelle S (mx) wrote: Je ne sais pas si c' est rellement arriv, mais ce fut un sujet fort intressant. Le film est tres bien ralis et les acteurs offrent un excellent jeu.

Jack W (it) wrote: It's nice and unique seeing these characters/actors literally growing up in front of our eyes. It's just not always that interesting or captivating.