Martijn en de magiër

Martijn en de magiër

Martijn Vonk prefers to spend his time drawing and writing stories instead of helping in his parent's shop. When a film company arrives in town to shoot a medieval fantasy, Martijn is ...

Martijn Vonk prefers to spend his time drawing and writing stories instead of helping in his parent's shop. When a film company arrives in town to shoot a medieval fantasy, Martijn is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michelle C (it) wrote: Pure Larry Bishop - surrealist noir, badass cold-blooded killers, and Shakespearean-level dialogue comedy (puns and wordplay). Bishop always creates his own culture with his films. He cuts the cops and morality out of the story with little more than a shrug of the shoulder and a smug cocked eyebrow, not even bothering to write an explanation into the story - there needn't be an explanation. This is an exploitation film, it can exist in any world, however realistic or unrealistic it chooses to be. Bishop amputates the gangrenous limb of socially acceptable morality so quickly because it is uninteresting. Far more interesting is the morally ambiguous cast of colorful characters Bishop is so adept at writing. Bishop himself plays a much-talked about nihilistic (of course) killer: "you wanna hear my philosophy on life? To hell with goddamn everything."

Dave J (ru) wrote: Monday, January 13, 2014 (2011) Inkubus HORROR Low budget and straight to rental, co-written and directed by Glenn Ciano starring Joey Fatone as Detective Tom Caretti who's stuck in an insane asylum with a therapist who's trying to put some sense into him. Tom either then tells a story about why he's like this which involves frequent murders involving someone who acts like a serial killer or like Jack The Ripper. He calls himself 'Inkubus' which it's supposed to be spelled 'Incubus', he's played by Robert Englund who's best known as Freddy Krueger of the "Nightmare On elm Street" movies. Inkubus blatantly walks into a police station carrying a girls head. Now at this point you can tell that the movie is very low budget since the area that they're using doesn't even look like a police station. Reusing only the few characters that they have as law enforcers for theirs like absolutely no extras at all. (Contains spoilers) Anyways, as it turns out the Joey Fatone character that's being locked up into an insane asylum has been informed that they're no signs that this Inkubus was ever present and that it was all in his imagination, for the mental breakdown was a result of his wife's unfortunate demise suffering after a miscarriage. Bomb

John B (nl) wrote: Not one of Cronenberg's best. It nonetheless presents an excellent Viggo Mortensen who almost is enough to carry the film himself.

Mark J (de) wrote: was ok not as bad as people say cool for marvel knights version

Tim H (us) wrote: Low budget werewolf flick is decent but nothing great. Marc Blucas is fine as the everyman hero but the script seems a tad bit forced. Never read the original novel upon which it is based but heard it was pretty good. In the end this film needed a better script and better fx to become the cult classic it needs to be.

Arturo M (ca) wrote: Mejor que Moulin Rouge!

Eduardo L (au) wrote: 7.8/10. 8-6-2014. Exceedingly well made but morally ambiguous. Is it really siding with the fascist BOPE squad?

Andrew C (br) wrote: good film but nasty in part,s

Mark R (br) wrote: Written by a 20th century Russian John Steinbeck as far as the story goes (which means it is quite slow, but still generates some provocative scenes). The action is rather slow, but the cinematography is spectacular. There is a lot left to the imagination and story-creating of the viewer.

Wu C (es) wrote: The synopsis says it all: The rise and fall of 80's vert skateboard legend Mark 'Gator' Rogowski.

Inta K (it) wrote: hero movie!one guy comes and rescues whole town from greedy fingers of some rich despot

Evan H (jp) wrote: Holy! Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh have intense chemistry in this movie that causes suspense between the two characters throughout! Every moment is filled with suspense that drives whoever is watching it to the edge of their seat/s!

Charles S (mx) wrote: Should be required viewing along with Colors for people who think they know what rap was about...

Stephen M (de) wrote: It's a classic kung fu fantasy flick that was original for its time. An awesome movie to watch still, it falls short in story suspense that it tries to build on, but the plot and action more than make up for the story.

Katie R (us) wrote: Wilder crafts a really interesting and exciting film that is a bit unlike most of his others. Franchot Tone gives one of his best performances, and Erich Von Stroheim is pheomenal.

Vittorio O (es) wrote: This movie is so bad, that it gives a new meaning to what the heck, we're they thinking. Did they know this movie sucked. Do not in anyway give this movie consideration. I took the bullet and I watched crap. So you do not have to.

Matt G (ca) wrote: I still think Edward Norton should have been the hulk in the avengers.

Alasdair B (de) wrote: It's hard to know where to begin after you've just experienced a mountain of sh*t. Greek mythology has always enticed me. It's interesting to say the least, not to mention beautifully poetic. Films like, Clash of the Titans and it's sequel, make my blood boil. Once again, here is yet another mythology baed film that utterly fails. "The Legend of Hercules'' is directed by Renny Harlin, and stars: Kallan Lutz, Scott Adkins, Johnathon Schaech, Liam Garrigan, Gaia Weiss , and Roxanne Mckee.Queen Alcmene (Mckee) is impregnated by Zues one night, as was foretold by the goddess. Her husband, King Amphitryon (Adkins) believes she was with another man, and becomes exceedingly angry. He is so enraged that he grimaces throughout the entire film. The queen names the child Hercules, by order of the goddess. Years later, Hercules (Lutz) and his love Hebe (Weiss) are fooling around in the river. Suddenly, the brother of Hercules named, Iphicles (Garrigan) discovers them in the woods. He brings them back to the king, where they are told that Hebe will be wed to Iphicles, for Iphicles will be the future king. Obviously, the two lovers are devastated, so they run away together. This results in them being caught, brought back, and punished. Hercules must leave and go fight in Egypt.One would imagine that the actor playing Hercules would be strong, gruff, and in charge. Kallan Lutz is the worst actor one could chose for this role. He is utterly bland, boring, and lifeless. He isn't likable--as the character should be--nor is he a guy you want to root for. He is not even tough. Honestly, he comes off as soft and weak. The second worst performance comes from Scott Adkins. His performance as the king was just ghastly. He was constantly grimacing, yelling, and shaking his fists. Every single performance was dull and flat, without exception. The characters are lifeless and dull as well.Perhaps the worst element of this film, is the production value. Seeing as this is a film about Hercules, the expectation is that there will lots of action. There is, and every bit of it is awful. The sword fights, fits fights, and battles are all weighed down by constant annoying slow motion shots. I am not against slow motion shots, as long as they are used in moderation. In this film, they'd use a somewhat appropriate slow motion shot, then follow up with several more that just didn't work. It's painfully obvious this film wanted to be like 300. However, the action is so poor that it pales in comparison.There are allot of special effects (CGI) in this movie. Several of the special effects shots looked okay. The rest looked absolutely horrible! You can tell that they're using green screen, and you can tell that they're using CGI. Whoever was in charge of the special effects was extremely lazy. That is the best way I can describe this movie. It is very, very lazy. Even the costumes and weapons are poorly made. Several costumes looked passable, others looked like they were off the set of a high school play."The Legend of Hercules'' is a dull affair, full of flat performances and uninteresting characters. The only redeeming value--if you want to call it that--was the surprisingly decent camera work. Besides this, nothing is impressive about this movie. The romance is an utter joke, the costumes are horrible, the sets are obviously sets, and the special effects are lazy.

Lucie B (ru) wrote: mama mia is veel beter maar tis wel een knappe italiaan