Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat

Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat

The controversial bad-boy of comedy delivers a piercing look at his life, lifting the metaphorical smokescreen that he feels has clouded the public view, commenting on everything from the dangers of smoking to the trials of relationships, and unleashing a nonstop litany of raucous anecdotes, stinging social commentary and very personal reflections about life.

After a number of personal crises, stand-up comic Lawrence returns to the stage telling about his stinging social commentary and very personal reflections about his life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Douglas R (es) wrote: i thought i had the ptoential to be interesting, but the characters lack of acting on zombies is just down right stupidity. This supposedly "British horror-comedy" falls completely flat. I give it half of star for its dimwitted style and one for its concept.

Freyja H (br) wrote: Loved it, so unusual and unique, pay attention to the dog in the box!! Everyone should see it.

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Jenny K (jp) wrote: This is one the funniest movies I've ever seen! It's an amusingly insightful look into human nature when it comes to money and greed. Just what WOULDN'T you do if the price was right?

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