A woman and her childhood friend seek out revenge on those who victimized and abused them.

Seeking revenge on the people who abducted and tortured her a decade earlier, a young woman and her childhood friend track down the people responsible for her torment and unearths some horrific secrets. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Martyrs torrent reviews

Brad S (ru) wrote: Another Disney classic from my childhood, this one wasn't as good as some of the other Classic Live Action/Animated films, but it's still kinda fun.

Rodhiana L (jp) wrote: totally hilarious...must watch...

Robert G (ca) wrote: I don't know that much about John Lennon or The Beatles for that matter. I like some of there songs and all but thats about it, I am not a big Beatles fan. But this is one heck of a good movie! The sorry really makes you feel for Mr. Lennon and show just how truly gifted he really was.

Nilesh J (es) wrote: The lead pair is charming and that's about the only thing that saves a highly mediocre story. Shanghai and the Chinese life is portrayed in a rather shallow, stereotyped way.

Michael A (it) wrote: not the greatest music doc, as far as construction goes, but in this case, do we really care? this jumbled collection of snapshots of TVZ, coupled with a batch of somewhat scattershot interview clips, tells his story well enough. essential viewing for a townes neophyte like me.

Jeffrey L (mx) wrote: I have watch this movie a few times now and seem to get drwn into it more and more as I understand the little secrets and life in the shadows of the characters. Life can be sad if we stay in a sad place but we can move towards happiness if we make the choice and act... jwl

Tim M (ca) wrote: Super hokey. Most of the dialogue should have just been cut. Reminds me of Power Rangers, the live action TNMT and Mario Bros. Bell, On and Polito are great. Bizarre joke of a movie. Some good fight scenes, but really, this movie is terrible.

Robert H (fr) wrote: Any film that has the hero forcing the bad guy eat a watch is my kinda film. This is one the last un-pc films that had reign in cinema from Nixon to Bush Sr. It's man's man film. Danny Trejo has a bit role in the film.

Bradley D (jp) wrote: This is linking to the wrong Maraget Whiting (and this film being also on that Margaret Whiting's page is likewise in error.) This Margaret Whiting was a London West End stage actress, who is likely still alive at this posting.

Aditya M (kr) wrote: Saw a movie, it seems, about the famous interview, yesterday. Apparently, President Nixon praised the Italian crafted shoes of Frost, not his double breasted jacket, very aptly tailored, comprising a suit, of an exquisite color, in the movie. The tie was also prominent, but it didn't somehow suggest the Marylebone Cricket Club, neither a school tie, nor the Cambridge University, to me either. Really nice movie, and I thought that Nixon was perhaps the most politically correct politician, and he respected that he was presiding over the U. S. administration as the figurehead. He went to China, not on his own calling. It appears, that he was just like the immediately former President Bush, and he was so interested in the political process, that he engaged with the Chinese govt., not knowing perhaps, how relevant China was, before he himself became President. I don't know, whether China was to Presidents before Nixon, what India and Pakistan were to President Bush, after he became President of the United States. The movie suggests, that Nixon had a high regard for Frost, and he spoke to him as if he was empathizing with himself, in a warm, self appreciating manner. Frost appeared to take favor of the situation, appropriately. It seems, President Nixon was seated opposite to the Chinese First lady, and Mrs. Nixon was also facing the Chinese Chairman, during public occasions in China, and it was the most sombre occasion, when the seating arrangement occurred. Apparently, also, it wasn't sombre in exchange, but how the President felt, seated opposite the wife of the Chairman, and he could appreciate the humor in that instance, later, in the west, long after his presidency.

Brian B (gb) wrote: The Night of the Following Day is a pretty good film. Marlon Brando stars as the leader of a gang of professional criminals who kidnap the daughter of a wealthy man (Pamela Franklin) in order to get ransom money. Along with Brando are his junkie wife Vi (Rita Moreno) her brother looking for one last big score (Jess Hahn) and a thug they brought in to keep things in line (Richard Boone). Brando and Hahn want to keep things civilized so that if they are caught they aren't brought up on murder charges, but Boone doesn't really seem to care. All that matters to him is getting the money no matter how. There are some pretty good performances, and the direction's not bad. Not a particulary original film however. It's not worth going out of your way to see, but it's not worth avoiding either. Overall 2.5/4 Stars Grade = B-

Pravin A (mx) wrote: Typical Western from the team of John Ford and John Wayne. God Bless America.

Connor R (jp) wrote: After 90 years, it's still funny.

Jeff G (kr) wrote: One of the funniest movies I've seen. Black Dynamite is a parody of classic 70's films starring afro clad black actors, like Shaft. Despite the low budget this feels like one of the best parody films, up there with Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein. This film is also one of the most quotable comedies of all time, I would highly recommend it.

Ale G (au) wrote: One of Tarrantino's best

Michelle M (fr) wrote: Nice Day @ the Movies!

LA L (gb) wrote: My personal favorite film by Mel Brooks -- a definite classic comedy.