Marusa no onna 2

Marusa no onna 2

Ryoko Itakura returns as the government tax agent willing to tackle the toughest cases. This time she takes on a fanatical but lucrative religious cult run by a vile lecher.

Ryoko Itakura returns as the government tax agent willing to tackle the toughest cases. This time she takes on a fanatical but lucrative religious cult run by a vile lecher. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Marusa no onna 2 torrent reviews

gary t (nl) wrote: I found this movie extremely funny!! One the best (IMO)

Beaver D (ag) wrote: Not bad film but Paul Nichols pretending he's not posh do me a favour .

Janetta B (br) wrote: This movie is sooo sweet.....

Dora Q (ag) wrote: I really enjoyed watching it when it was on TV, years ago...

Phani T (jp) wrote: The story goes slow - it isn't racy.. Yet, it maintains a grip and never gets boring, not even the "filler bits" of riding through the hills.. Of course, when you have Ennio Morricone's score nothing can feel dull and/or dreary. Clint Eastwood's "cool quotient" is way too high here.For a change, there is no female lead who makes a namesake appearance.If for nothing, one has to watch just for the background score.Must watch.

Nico S (nl) wrote: Besson creates a very interesting and compelling character portrayed perfectly by sjdbdi. And the relationship between Portman's character and Leon is really fleshed out and makes you care in the end. Other than that, there's not enough of Gary Oldman or any other villain to make a compelling plot, the characters are compelling enough, but the plot is too thin.

Tomas S (kr) wrote: Very good movie with an ensemble (kind of white) cast. The pace is quite slow.

007 W (ag) wrote: Avengers Age of Ultron is the new avengers movie, but it should've been called Day of Ultron. When I saw this movie I thought it was really good but since time has past it's just ok now, there are problems but they're also good things about this movie so therefore the movie is ok and a little of a mess, but it's ok, the problem is it's exactly like every single marvel movie, it's quite repetitive, there is also way too much action and cgi in the movie, there is a lot of it and it focuses on it than focusing on the stuff that could make it a good movie, most of the action is cgi instead it should be practical, nearly all of the cgi should have been practical so the action and cgi can look real and that is what makes a good action movie, but don't get me wrong the action and cgi in the movie is good but that's not the problem, since there is way to much there should be less action and cgi, there should be less characters and focus on main characters and actually give them something to do. The movie is shiny yes, the movie is competent, but it felt more of a product. Not only that they also should have focused on the plot and change some of the characters, they should've done something different because right now I'm sick of this. Marvel has done the same movies over and over and this is the exact same thing, I would say this is the exact definition of insanity. Or they could've at least done a lot more things to make the movie great if not really good, but they played it so safe. That's a legit complaint. They also could have cut out quicksilver because the acting for him sucks and he isn't interesting and has no motivation and has nothing to do. There are other problems like the soundtrack sucks, the sound is fine kind of but there is to much, and they should of established Iron man's return after iron man 3 before this movie. Anyway that's where my big problems end there are other problems but besides that this movie is pretty solid and the plot for the most part makes sense and is ok, the movie looks nice and shiny, the dialogue is alright. It isn't the worst marvel movie, but I can't help but think about how much better this movie could have if they had a perfect amount of characters so they can give every single one of them something to do and cut out half the action in this movie, if not then make it practical even the cgi so it looks great. It's for the most part pretty good a little if not then I would say the movie is decent, but besides all the problems It did everything it had to do I enjoyed it. Technically the movie is very solid, mostly it's competent like I would give it a solid 7 or a 6 out of 10. Marvel changed some things in this movie, marvel mostly makes decent movies. So I enjoyed it, it was fun. I would say they tried with this movie, but they don't always succeed. But I can't help but think they should have tried harder and do something different so it wouldn't be the same movie. I imagine like Christopher Nolan, Martin Scorsese, or Alfonso corolln coming and helping joss Whedon with the movie, getting rid of the slimy producers and making this movie great. But I enjoyed it