Marudhamalai (Arjun), a police constable, goes to work in the village of Nachiapuram after passing his police exams and getting a merit. Here, he meets 'Encounter' Ekambaram played by Vadivel who is his senior officer. He is asked to do all sorts of work for him and one day, Marudhamalai loses a convict on the way to the court due to Ekambaran's soft heart. He then is to clean the floors of the inspector's house and there, he falls in love with Nila. Then, later in the market, after Ekambaram is humiliated by a beggar, Marudhamalai sees Maasi, the 'boss' of the city, killing a person who stood for a candidate in the elections. Then the election commissioner comes to the place and he discovers that elections have not been held for 16 years in the city due to Maasi's opposition. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Owen D (br) wrote: This is hilarious. I thought it would be for younger kids but when I saw it I was laughing. It also delivers in its color palette and plot.

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Melinda K (ca) wrote: entertaining movie, but I was disappointed that Jeffrey Combs didn't have enough screen time in it! Plus, it says starring Jeffrey Combs!

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