Maruyama, the Middle Schooler

Maruyama, the Middle Schooler


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Maruyama, the Middle Schooler torrent reviews

Amy H (fr) wrote: Funny and entertaining

Lee M (it) wrote: The films most egregious fault lies in its crude handling of such vital topics as unjustly convicted death-row prisoners, race relations and the facile trend toward using religion as a political wedge issue.

Evan K (nl) wrote: Pretty disappointing and not very funny.

Adrian M (nl) wrote: Diary is a clausterphobic and creepy psychological thiller. The performances are excellent, and the twisting story is rather interesting.

Sean M (au) wrote: Pretentious bullshit, Tim Roth was great

Clayton K (br) wrote: From one perspective, it is a powerful ethnography of a traditional Tibetan clan, intent on capturing traditions before they die. But it is also an affecting drama stunningly shot in the highest mountain range on earth.

Scott R (us) wrote: Some great humour. One of my favourites, "I never should have given him that book on napoleon. Now he always sticks his hand in his vest."

Jennie R (kr) wrote: Russian made horror film. Reminded me of Silent Hill meets The Others. Found it boring. They drug out the storyline and I found myself impatiently waiting for the main characters to get killed off. You can find it on FearNet for free if you must see it but there are much better movies out there to invest your time in.

Terrance H (kr) wrote: lacks bepth of other dc animated movies and seems to wander off into useless side stories for other characters...i.e. wonder woman. Best character story is cyborgs back story. they did an amazing job with his character.This would be a rent movie unfortunately.

Harry M (kr) wrote: Awful. Carol Lynley in small part as the lawyer.