Mary Jane's Not a Virgin Anymore

Mary Jane's Not a Virgin Anymore

A high schooler from suburbia gets in touch with her sexuality while working at a dingy movie theater in the city.

Mary Jane's Not a Virgin Anymore is an independent film written, directed and produced by the self anointed "Queen of Underground Film", Sarah Jacobson. It's a film about a teenage girl named Mary Jane who is curious about sex and thinks that by having sex she will become "cool". It focuses on the female perspective of sex. In the film, musicians Jello Biafra, Zebediah Gammack, and Davey Havok were featured in cameo roles. Tamra Davis helped finance the film. It was shown at the Sundance Film Festival in 1997 and was sold out. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Mary Jane's Not a Virgin Anymore torrent reviews

Matt C (gb) wrote: This might have the most generic synopsis that I've ever read.

Leon B (us) wrote: The movie isn't much & doesn't really explain why things are happening, but I love Rashida

kaleb l (ag) wrote: ok, the first 3 minutes hooked me in immedietly! its one of my favorite kaiju films ever!!!! but i must say gamera was lacking in all design and looked weird. but the films great, more kid orented, but the heisei gamera series was more serious. same with this, funny, weird, spooky. i personally like godzilla more and think he would win in a fight, but i can't help but say that this is a really good KAIJU FILM!

Julie W (ag) wrote: An unforgettable piece if work. It had some of that rare magic that is evidently hard to capture in filming.

Lee B (mx) wrote: This movie starts off rather tepid, then gets pretty interesting, then looks like it's wallowing low, then picks up quite a bit before ending on a rather odd bit. And so goes the roller coaster ride of watching this movie. One thing for sure, Jane is great. He makes this movie entirely watchable. And the story is so interesting for a real life story - though I assume some of it is changed for dramatic effect. Still, this movie keeps you watching, even through the lulls because it only teeters, never falling. I'd be interested to see more from this director, and hope Jane gets more roles like this. Last note, was South Africa the stand in for Miami?

Jairo C (jp) wrote: If you are alone and want to see a movie but have nothing more than this one and a chaplin movie to see, you better watch the second option


Justin O (us) wrote: A dark comedy that is too creepy for its own good.

Jude P (fr) wrote: These type of movies were made in Hollywood - phew !

Leah H (mx) wrote: A product of its time, it's an okay movie to watch when nothing else is on.

Jaime R (nl) wrote: "Rio Bravo" might just as well be director Howard Hawks giving us his finest western since "Red River."

Danielle L (nl) wrote: Hmm another wonderful Mind banging. I LOVE this movie, I just showed it to my boyfriend who also adored it. I am a huge fan of Steve Zahn! And hey there were a few cute guys in this so that was nice but come on! The action, the beautiful scenery, the twist ending! The suspense! It was absolutely amazing!

Gary B (fr) wrote: another fun disney movie

Myrna U (jp) wrote: Really great movie! Gets discussions going and really brings to life the meaning of freedom.