Mary Reilly

Mary Reilly

A housemaid falls in love with Dr. Jekyll and his darkly mysterious counterpart, Mr. Hyde.

A housemaid falls in love with Dr. Jekyll and his darkly mysterious counterpart, Mr. Hyde. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ruggers B (it) wrote: Gail (Trieste Kelly) was fantastic. I wish she'd been the protagonist the movie centered around. Otherwise it was nicely done as long as you're not expecting BIG! EXCITING! ACTION! It's a nice way to spend part of a rainy afternoon indoors.But really, I always wonder why - when it would be so easy to put the woman in the role the man is playing - they always decide to go ahead and stick with the man. How BORING - we've seen men hog all the great roles time and again - do something new! Uff.

Iain B (ca) wrote: Big on budgetbig on nameslow on laughs

Li R (nl) wrote: Excellent Movie and Soundtrack!

Rohit V (it) wrote: was not up to the mark as expected....

Karlo B (kr) wrote: Oh, here's another special movie. It happens to be shot, written and directed by a 12 year old. Ok, great, but it's still a shitty movie. I wouldn't watch a movie a 12 year old put on youtube, and so I won't watch this.

Nada E (nl) wrote: Well acted and directed. The ending was somewhat disappointing though.

Papa G (mx) wrote: I saw it on nick,it was: 1:cool 2:a great movie for kids &3: the best movie ever made ~(TM),~(TM),~~~

Alexander C (it) wrote: Not as good as the original!

Brad G (ca) wrote: Without doubt, Robert Hooks?? Mr. T is the coolest, most badassly calm Blaxploitation Hero; wearing $500 suits and driving a supped up Lincoln Mark IV. The film plays like a Richard Stark Parker novel, T is all confidence and you never have a doubt that he is going to get his man (and probably destroy his ass). Lots of great tiny performances from Paul Winfield, Bill Henderson, and Julius Harris. Plus, a fantastic Marvin Gaye score. VF.

Michael L (us) wrote: Being the 55 year old lesbian teacher i am, I found this astonishingly easy to masturbate to

Nathan S (ag) wrote: A refreshing look at the coming out story from the straight friend's perspective - with a less-than-typical gay best friend. Enjoyable, irreverent, and at times laugh-out-loud funny, the movie has a solid cast with several young actors I look forward to seeing again.

Tina S (mx) wrote: If the MCU made a rom com. Why Martin Freeman, why?

Bradley F (ru) wrote: Um... What The Hell was that? Seriously, what did I just watch? Striptease really has no identity and no clear purpose. Was it a Crime Drama? Because it wasn't suspenseful. Was it a Comedy? Because it wasn't funny. Striptease is just a long and confusing mess. I don't know where to start with this film. It just seems so misplaced with little to no structure. Okay... I'll do the best I can with this THING. Erin Grant (Demi Moore) is a divorced mother who wants sole custody of her daughter. Somehow through an interesting and stupid contrivance, Erin loses her job as a secretary for the FBI. In order to pay bills and survive, she takes a job as a stripper at the "Eager Beaver" (I don't care how sleazy a strip club is, why would you name an establish "Eager Beaver"?) Anyway, there are a lot of subplots including a murder, an annoying congressman (Burt Reynolds), a bouncer taking up space, Erin's ex husband acting like a moron for the entire movie and of course we have to put up with the Erin's general stupidity. Yes, you've probably spotted the first problem with Striptease... TOO MUCH IS GOING ON! This film has too many subplots even for characters we don't give a crap about. Why should I care about the bouncer guy and whatever he has going on? Why should I care about anything Erin's Ex Husband is doing? Hell, it's hard for me to even care about Erin herself. The point is, there are a lot of scenes that should've been trimmed or cut entirely. The sad thing is the acting by almost the entire cast is pretty solid. Whether it be the dramatic moments or the comedic moments, the actors and actresses in this movie try their hardest to make their characters believable or at the very least bearable. I only have two complaints when it comes the acting component of this film. First of all, what is Burt Reynolds doing here? Talk about a totally phoned in performance with a huge annoyance factor. Second of all, Demi Moore... is just on autopilot in this movie. I didn't believe her even for a single moment. I never saw her as a character, I just saw her as Demi Moore which seems to happen a lot in whatever movie she's in. So yes, Moore truly was the worst actress in this film. Now when it comes the actual story of Striptease, it just comes off confusing and tonally cluttered. There were obviously moments of intentional comedy, but none of the comedic scenes were funny at all. Most of the time, the comedy in this was painful... ESPICALLY when Burt Reynolds was involved. The only time I laughed was when it was unintentional. For instance, Demi Moore's "dancing" in this movie absolutely hilarious! It was like she was a bird having a seizure or something. I'll put it this way, Elizabeth Berkley is a better dancer than Demi Moore. Oh yes... I SAID IT! So we've come to the biggest issue of Striptease. What exactly is this movie's purpose? What exactly is the point of this entire film? Like I said, sometimes it tries to take itself seriously other times it's almost trying to be a dark comedy. Sure, a film can pull off both if it had the proper talent behind the script and the camera. However, it just seemed like writer/director Andrew Bergman got bored with the movie he was writing and just threw random stuff together hoping it would be just clever and funny all on it's own. In the end, Striptease just seems like a total waste of film. Even though I wouldn't call Striptease the worst movie I've ever seen, it was still a huge waste of time. There was clearly effort put in to this film and like I said the acting isn't all bad. However we still have to sit through bad writing, a confusing plot, really awful performances from both Demi Moore and Burt Reynolds, characters we don't care for or relate to and of course the painfully unfunny scenes. In short, Striptease is just a really stupid movie. Not the Worst, but definitely not worth your time or money.