The film is an emotional journey of a common man to an unknown place with the hope to come home and lead a better life. The film revolves around a story of human survival adapted from a newspaper article of a real-life crisis event, when three oil workers from India were kidnapped and taken hostage in Sudan.

A contract worker in Sudan is abducted by mercenaries and his lover in India awaits his return. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Javier E (au) wrote: Paul Haggis hace el peor trabajo de su carrera en "Third Person". Tiene a un gran elenco (Liam Neeson, Mila Kunis, Maria Bello, Olivia Wilde, Adrien Brody, etc) divididos en tres historias que no se sostienen por si solas (lo cual si sucede en "Crash") y que forzadamente pretende unir. Las relaciones humanas y sus vicios han sido temas que Haggis ha tocado con mejor tino en otros proyectos, como "Million Dollar Baby", o en la citada "Crash", pero aqui se pierde en dialogos metidos en secuencias absurdas que tratan de ser poeticas y lo unico que logran es ser eternas. (Texto intencionalmente sin acentos).

Abdus A (it) wrote: Very good movie. The best one of the series. Unlike most of the Pokemon films I was fully gripped by this film. It had a great storyline and I just loved it.

Steven C (es) wrote: What a magnificent cinematic achievement! In this long film that feels anything but long, the story is thick and and the puzzles are endless. An entirely mesmerizing, exhilirating, enthralling, and utterly delightful experience. But truly a short description is all that is necessary. Let's just call it a masterpiece!

George P (jp) wrote: An Australian lady or "Sheila" as they are known really wants a baby so she makes her husband "Bruce" go to a clinic to find out if he is infertile or not. The receptionist at the clinic is a mad Irish "Paddy" who follows Sheila and Bruce back to their little fishing village and seduces Sheila with a baby kangaroo. What follows just goes to show that diminutive Irish leprechaun type people should not be underestimated as Paddy goes on to suck off a fish, kill the baby kangaroo and talk to his dead Pa on the phone. It's a very strange film but you have to admire the luck of the Irish and the general stupidity of the Australians

Serge L (fr) wrote: This is once rare time that I disagree negatively with both critics and audience. I didn't like the music and it was a large part of it. The story is slim but realistic and also a downer. Because the music was not so good and the people rather ordinary, we feel stuck in the doldrums.

Ling E (gb) wrote: quiet but i can follow nothing from the movie

Kevin L (kr) wrote: Not as good as other Ferrell outings, but I can't help but fall for his lunacy.

Priscilla F (au) wrote: great Movie with great dancers

Kisaan T (us) wrote: Above all I didn't like the climax of the movie which resembled the climaxes of 'The Aviator' and 'Godfather part II'.

hate e (gb) wrote: was expecting a documentary on the fall of Falluja, made by filmmakers who just happened to be in the ill-fated Iraqi city when it was obliterated by U.S. Marines in the spring of 2004. But that's not at all what this film is about. Instead, Occupation: Dreamland is an intimate account of a particular group of soldiers in a specific time and place in the Iraq war. So don't walk into the theater expecting to have all of your questions about Iraq answered. But you will learn about a handful of American soldiers and how they perceive the war and their particular situation. Most of them understand that this isn't a war for liberation. They were smart enough to realize that this war, like all war, is about money and control. Still, these are hardworking and honest soldiers, and as such, they'll faithfully follow their orders and execute their duties, whether they believe in what they're doing or not. So no, you won't see a first-hand account of the destruction of Falluja, but you will meet eight or so men who will give you a deeper understanding of the American soldiers today.

Shawn B (nl) wrote: If you have built one, you will get it.

Peter P (jp) wrote: Not bad for a shark movie, but there was just too many side plots going on to really make it worth while, plus my wife called how the shark was going to die 2 seconds after seeing the thing that they use to kill it so that was pretty cool.

Amanda (de) wrote: What isn't awesome about this movie!It was great. But insane, as well. But definitely a very entertaining movie.. slightly random, but pretty darned swell. Also enjoyed the Motorhead blasting out of the radio. Hahah. What an odd film...

Branham N (ag) wrote: Some stupidity was thrown in to impress action-lovers and it would have been better without, regardless I found it enjoyable.

Eric S (mx) wrote: Decent revenge flick.. Loved seeing The Misfits make an appearance in a movie! The movie was fun to watch but nothing special.

Anna J (us) wrote: complex and interesting

Zachary Y (es) wrote: Jamie Foxx is hilarious in this.

Roger G (jp) wrote: Opening scene: Two nude guys escaping from a warehouse, wrapped in plastic for clothing; then to Gramercy Hospital, Hugh Grant in a dramatic role as emergency room doctor; Sara Jessica Parker as emergency room nurse. A decision in the ER, a cop and a bad guy both enter at the same time, there's only one room left. . . who to take? The moral choice rather than medical choice. . . take the cop. One of the nude guys shows up in the ER; what's his problem? He awakens and says, "triphase," before he dies. Now, the mystery. Briefly: medical experimentation, homeless men, renowned doctor, discovery of the crime, moral dilemma. An entertaining two hours.

Boris M (jp) wrote: This movie is hilarious!!!

bill s (ca) wrote: Sentimental cheese.....but well acted and very touching sentimental cheese.