Mas suka mas ukin aja

Mas suka mas ukin aja


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Sean B (br) wrote: Add a Review (Optional)

Thaddaeus D (de) wrote: Katherine Heigl is an excellent actress I'm glad to see her final released to do more films enough it down by the negative side of Hollywood I wish the sequels would come out for this series she's perfect for them great

Dirk D (ru) wrote: Perfecte visuele pulp, uitermate vermakelijk. Afgaande van de trailer verwacht je natuurlijk het ergste/slechtste, maar niets in minder waar. Dit is iets dat alleen Japanners kunnen maken.Ben je geen fan van Japanse actiefilms en snap je de humor niet, dan kan je best deze film volledig negeren.

John H (es) wrote: A Great Movie.... Great Plot. The girls were easy on the eyes too.

Niklas F (it) wrote: Kan vara en av dom smsta filmer jag sett. My Name Is Earl har definitivt rddat Jamie Presleys karrir,

William S (de) wrote: An entertaining tale of overcoming loss. It's a little bland. I take that back; it is very bland.

Karolina M (it) wrote: Z pozornie banalnego pomys,u (spotkanie wsp,lokatorek po latach) - wielkie kino. Dla tych, co lubi... >mia si(TM) ogl...daj...c bardzo smutne historie. Pisanie o absolutnie unikalnej jako>ci aktorstwa w filmach Mike'a Leigh chyba nie ma sensu (musia,abym si(TM) powtarza).

Robt B (nl) wrote: A charming film that gives us some insight into life in Iran, a country we actually know little about. The children that are the central focus of the film are from a poor family with few resources but are bound together with familial love. I thought the visual story overcame the language difference (subtitles) and even young audiences can enjoy this touching film.

Nigel d (au) wrote: BRILLIANT film - one of my all time faves...Christine lahti has never been better in this thoughtful, funny and sad feel good chick flick...'sometimes the only way to find where you're going is to lose your way...' here here indeed !!!

Peter P (fr) wrote: Watched this movie a bunch of times when I was younger, and it probably Dana Carvey's best movie. It is not amazing, but it is worth seeing at least once.

Robert I (kr) wrote: Ick. The series went down hill already.

Tyler B (kr) wrote: any movie that has someone toss a typewriter into a dumpster and it explodes is a good flick.

Ian C (jp) wrote: Jaws is turned into a wild boar and the ocean into the outback in this Ozploitation horror. Quality stuff.

FilmGrinder S (nl) wrote: 88% Black comedy with Paul Bartel and sexy ass Mary Woronou.

Thomas D (gb) wrote: I've heard George Lucas talk about the change of pacing between films of the 1970's and of films now. He talked about how the pacing of the first Star Wars film was considered rapid at the time but by today's standards, pretty slow. I feel the same can be said about the first Star Trek film (The Motion Picture). The first hour of this film is quite a drag. The special effects are dated, but sometimes that can be forgiven if the story around it is epic (Original Star Wars). The story for this film is embroiled in mystery as we don't even know who or what the villain is for close to an hour and a half. Overall, I think I can say I enjoyed watching Star Trek: The Motion Picture as it brings back all of the same characters and dynamics from the original series, but the story dragged and I don't feel like this was the particular plot they should have revolved the first feature film around.The enterprise this time is investigating an alien spacecraft that gets mysteriously close to earth, known as V'Ger. Captain Kirk returned back to his position as head of the Starship Enterprise. Kirk replaced the new head of the enterprise, Decker. Obviously, you know that the dynamic between the two will have plenty of tension knowing there's two captains in the same ship, but it doesn't go to the extent that a normal Hollywood film would do.Yes, the tone and feel of the film is the same as the series but I think it was lacking the magic. There's a lot of time in the film spent on showing the numerous special effects shots and set pieces they created for the film. With that said, I don't feel like there was enough time spent on character development for people who didn't know the characters from the TV show. It's not that Star Trek: The Motion Picture isn't a good entry in the series, it's just that there's merely nothing special at all about the film. Its constantly told to us that this mission is to save the entire human race and has a huge scope, but we don't really see that being played out. I liked the ending reveal involving V'Ger, but it didn't save the film from being an average entry in a history franchise.+Same feel as the series+Cool reveal-Don't get a sense of the scope they were going for-Too much time spent on establishing shots and showing off average special effects6.3/10

Shasta H (fr) wrote: Exciting cinematics BUT this movie could easily mislead people to think that Moses is only seeing or hearing from God bc it's all a delusion that's created from hitting his head in the beginning of the movie. And I really don't like that God (or the messenger) is a little British boy. So basically the movie tries to go along w/ the events in the Bible but it was a huge let down for me.

Mauricio N (fr) wrote: One of the best animation movies ever! Wonderful story!

David M (mx) wrote: Another childhood Fav

Cody F (ca) wrote: A fun movie to watch. Josh Radnor plays a man at a cross roads who has to revisit his university years to grow up. I found this really enjoyable.

M C (de) wrote: Informative yet we're still in the dark.