Más vampiros en La Habana

Más vampiros en La Habana


En 1923 el científico Von Drácula inventó el Vampisol, una bebida que permitía a los vampiros vivir al sol. La Capa Nostra y el grupo vampiro europeo se enfrentan en la Habana para controlar el Vampisol, pero Pepe, el sobrino de Von Drácula, cantó la fórmula del Vampisol gratis por la Radio Vampiro Internacional. Ahora Pepe debe enfrentarse a los vampiros nazis, que usan el Vampisol más poderoso:(EL VAMPIYABA) . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Befani G (mx) wrote: A great example of shit-CGI. :D

Andrew G (br) wrote: Was it just me, but did the crew of the movie have a particular fixation on Ms. Keena's cleavage? Absolute tosh, and clear inconsistencies.

Gary K (ru) wrote: There is some incredible acting going on -- but the characters are so genuinely unlikeable...it gets to the point that they're just annoying (and not in a good way). Minor character arcs are fulfilled, but in the whole...nothing really happens in this film...except you just want everyone to shut up already.

Grant S (us) wrote: Decent sci-fi drama.Set in the year 2035, robots are commonplace and are becoming more and more sophisticated. A veteran cop, Del Spooner (played by Will Smith), is called in to investigate the apparent suicide of a friend and leading robotics expert, Dr Alfred Lanning (played by James Cromwell). He is quite cynical about robots and is convinced that a robot killed him. However, Lawrence Robertson (Bruce Greenwood), CEO of the corporation who designed and builds the robots, and that Dr Lanning worked for, isn't too happy with his investigations...Very intriguing, initially. Sort of a futuristic murder mystery, with a prime suspect a non-human. However, the movie does reveal its hand too soon, after which it is mostly just an action movie, unfortunately.Ultimately, entertaining enough. Just a pity the writer and director couldn't maintain the atmosphere of the first 30-40% of the movie and gave in to the temptation of making an action movie.Good performance by Will Smith in the lead role.

dan f (es) wrote: very thoughtful movie.

Amanda H (mx) wrote: When I was a teenager, I cannot tell you how many times I picked this movie up in the video store, read the synopsis, and put it back. And now I can't imagine why, because this movie is SO much better than I would have expected it to be. I was very impressed with the acting, the plot, the elements of mystery- everything. I expected a cheesified version of Cruel Intentions, but this was so much more than that.

Andrew O (au) wrote: Hey, this was great. First of all, I love Kevin Pollack. Surprising to see him in the role of the president, but it's a great idea. The President is stuck in a diner with about 10 other "common" folks during the cold war. And he is faced with mutually assured destruction. Does he turn the key just with the knowledge of what's going on mostly from faulty communication devices and CNN on the TV? Watch and find out.

Greg R (us) wrote: Why was this movie made?

Chris A (jp) wrote: In this movie came the emergence of Demi Moore into Hollywood. The movie itself was a basic plot, telling of a one night stand that may or may not materialize into something more. I must confess, I loved the sex scenes in this movie. Overall, a pretty good film.

Felipe F (gb) wrote: Before Night Falls is able to honor its subject without turning into hagiography thanks to Javier Bardem's impassioned performance as Reinaldo Arenas.

Mark P (mx) wrote: A bit slow in places, still a good film

Eduardo R (nl) wrote: Magic Mike could have been sexy, interesting and credible, but the dances become repetitive and the characters turn boring.