Masamang damo

Masamang damo


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:102 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:Filipino,Tagalog
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sexy pinay,  

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Masamang damo torrent reviews

Ari W (au) wrote: Fun, funny and cute. It's a shout back to the days of good cartoons that kids will love and parents can enjoy well enough. There was nothing offensive or concerning in it. The kids thought it was absolutely great, and we thought it was good.

Denis D (au) wrote: Unwatchable. Not even a real movie. It's as if someone took a video camera and just started making a Western with their neighbors. When viewing the few Michael Madsen snippets, which appear to have been spliced in, one wonders whether he was blackmailed, or perhaps was being held hostage, to appear in this 'movie'.

Blair K (ag) wrote: giving it two stars b/c i like renee zellweger but the movie itself is too much too fast! no pacing just when craziness happens it is just there! no rhyme or reason like the cruel parents throwing the girl in the oven... or bradley cooper getting attacked by bugs. it is like the director just threw them in hoping you were still paying attention. and when you do find out the twist about the little girl it is not enough to save the movie.

Eric M (jp) wrote: A top notch sequel to a top notch J Horror hit.

Lucas A (mx) wrote: Funny, provocative and extremely delicious, one of the riskiest comedies of Woody Allen brings a fleeting script and harsh interpretations and a nimble cast. Again, Woody Allen surprises his audience and brings an ironic and stunning story in "Deconstructing Harry"

Nate W (us) wrote: yeah its a kickboxer knock off, but who cares? don the dragon wilson rules

stephanie d (kr) wrote: holy fuck this guy was fucken creepy...i read up on him (dont ask) and jesus christ, psycho or what? still want to see the movie though *evil laughter*

Jeff D (jp) wrote: Burt Lancaster is excellent in this oft forgotten Carol Reed film.

Ryan V (kr) wrote: Absolutely compelling film! Fabulous plot, story line, and great representation of the actual disaster within the emotional story.

Brendan B (ca) wrote: any movie St. Ed's is in gets 5 stars in my book

Kurt B (fr) wrote: The last of the one-liner, romantic-action films. And for good reason.

Rebecca C (br) wrote: With the 2016 draft just days away according to my husband we decided to watch this and I was pleasantly surprised. Beside the very obvious and oh so expected 20 year age gap between jennifer garner and kevin costner as lovers I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The deals behinds the scence and the bravado personalities if some agents and players was really interesting

Matthew C (kr) wrote: Freddy vs Jason is a fun, entertaining, albeit a poorly acted film. Freddy needs to make kids fear him again so he decides to get Jason's help to make them fear again. The opening scene of Freddy is outstanding and the ending is very entertaining. This is definitely not a great movie, but it is still entertaining.

Jonathan C (nl) wrote: Love the Boston feel and how the cast really brings that to life. Great heist movie with high suspense moments. Hard not to root for the bad guys here, if you can even call them that. Don't know how I hadn't watched this until this year. Great piece of cinema in my world.