Mask of the Ninja

Mask of the Ninja

In a heavily wooded private estate in the Malibu Hills, towering above the tumbling Pacific, millionaire CEO Kenji Takeo and his daughter, Miko, prepare for the arrival from Japan of Takeo's wife, Kumiko. But the calm of Solstice Canyon is shattered by a meticulously planned stealth attack on the Takeo home by a masked band of ninja assassins.

Their vengeance is relentless, their method is ritual, their weapon is secret, and the motive is in their blood. In a heavily wooded private estate in the Malibu Hills, towering above the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Deena D (au) wrote: Didn't like the acting...felt so "acting" :D

Mike W (de) wrote: Laughed so hard I cried in this movie but also lots of life's hard truths woven through this film in a wonderful way. Loved it!

Edmund C (es) wrote: A 'bros' movie.. but Peter's (played by Paul Rudd) attempts at 'dude-slang' are really cringeworthy and genuinely awkward, LOL. Sydney Fife (Jason Segel) is cool and patient, but is rather domineering with his views. So what if he's more of an independent no-strings-attached dude who prefers divorcees and feels guys shouldn't jerk off thinking of their partner.. to each his own, right? :) But the movie's message does get conveyed though, in that guys, while needing their dude-time, must learn to stay sensitive to their gal's feelings..

William R (kr) wrote: Entertaining romantic comedy that is routine but however goes screwball in the last half and becomes really interesting.

Thomas D (fr) wrote: I'm sure it's difficult for any filmmaker to adapt a beloved novel, but David Yates had an extraordinary task attempting to cut down the longest Potter novel into what happens to be, the second shortest film in the series. I didn't read the books, so I can't specifically comment on the quality of the adaptation, but I do know that Order of the Phoenix is one damn good film.As much as I love the inevitable singular adventures each film in the Harry Potter series brings, I think Harry's emotional journey in each film is equally as intriguing. That journey is perhaps most drastic in Order of the Phoenix. After the horrific events at the end of Goblet of Fire, Hogwarts, its students, and the rest of the Wizarding World are at a split feeling surrounding the reemergence of Lord Voldemort. The ministry refuses to believe that that the dark lord has returned, while Harry and a select few at Hogwarts are truly preparing for what's to come.Harry faces a difficult case against him at the ministry after it's revealed to them that Harry used magic in the presence of muggles. It's another truly eerie opening as the dementors nearly killed Harry and Dudley. But Dementors are only the beginning to what is probably Harry's most difficult task in the series to that point, defeating the dark lord and his "army" he's been recruiting.We've seen plenty of great adventures from the main trio thus far, so I guess it was about time the team expands a bit. Alas, Harry starts "Dumbledore's Army" with the help of Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, Neville, Cho, and the new cast member, Luna Lovegood among others. It's probably the first time in the series' history where Harry willingly takes on a leadership role in order to get ahead of Voldemort's plans. This all isn't taken too well from the newly appointed Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, Dolores Umbridge. Umbridge is easily one the easiest characters to hate in the series, but I can't picture anyone else bringing more to the role than Imelda Staunton did. It's a complicated character to like, but it fits in with the tone of the movie in a strangely satisfying way.Another strongpoint in The Order of the Phoenix is the impressive set design. Unlike Goblet of Fire, we get to spend much more time at Hogwarts as well as getting a look at a few new sets outside the campus. Just simply taking a look at the gorgeous cinematography and production design of the final showdown at the Department of Mysteries. To me, it's one of the finest sequences this series has ever given us. Seeing Harry and a good portion of his team take on the Death Eaters was cool, but nothing compares to Dumbledore (and sort of Harry) take on Voldemort. That along with the death of Sirius Black leaves the series on a satisfyingly somber note.It's difficult to compare this film to the others. There are aspects to the Order of the Phoenix that are great, like the climax and Harry's emotional arc, but it's hard to not feel like there's something missing from the story. You don't necessarily feel that way during the viewing, but perhaps looking back, it could have used an extra 15 minutes or so of scenes.+Production design+Harry's emotional arc+Dumbledore vs Voldemort+Harry takes on a leadership role-Could be an extra 15 minutes of plot to add8.8/10

Francisco L (br) wrote: Elf has a well constructed story, is compelling as comedy, its theme is original, the soundtrack is great, and its cast was well choosed. It's a perfect movie to watch in Christmas time.

Matthew M (jp) wrote: A true story about Nick Wilson and his life as a boy living with the Indians. The film was done with seriousness and it pulls it of well. The movie has some good moments especially when Nick Wilson is in the tribe. I enjoyed this movie and it was done well.

Octavian (kr) wrote:'t stand...travolta's...stupid...neck...nooooooooooo... what kind gross crossing of film circles is this.

Cynthia L (jp) wrote: The horror of Japan's imperial misadventures in Asia gets sublimated into the erotic horror stories of Japan's Edagawa Rampo (Edgar Allen Poe). One of the few Japanese narrative films I'm aware of that even glancingly acknowledges the atrocities Hirohito authorized during the Pacific War.

Lee M (mx) wrote: As far as this film is concerned, it's checkmate.

Lori B (br) wrote: Having seen all Ebert's original Great Movies, I've expanded my "To Watch" list to include the films added to the list subsequent to the first book. Monsieur Hire is one of those. This is a heartbreaking little film about the nature of loneliness. Sandrine Bonnaire is wonderful as usual, and Michel Blanc is perfectly cast in the lead.

Bill Y (ca) wrote: Simply awful. Billed as a timeless classic. Good grief. What makes this movie bad is that it's a dull story that moves at a snail's pace. What makes it unforgivable is that it unwittingly celebrates pedophilia and misogyny.

Thomas K (nl) wrote: This was Ritchie's last hurrah when it came to the Cockney gangsters that he had made his bones on, and while the cast is first rate, the film is flashy but has a disjointed narrative. I still had a hell of a good time though.

Adam M (gb) wrote: Great cast but mediocre plot. Stone did the same story again and again the final is almost like a fairy tale.

Berni E (fr) wrote: Brilliant as always......exposing alternative ways of running a country/developing a healthy society.....