Maslin Beach

Financed outside the political funding system now controlling the Australian film industry, Maslin Beach demonstrates an interesting filmmaking strategy - no costumes, no sets, one location...

. . Financed outside the political funding system now controlling the Australian film industry, Maslin Beach demonstrates an interesting filmmaking strategy - no costumes, no sets, one location

Maslin Beach is the best new movie of Wayne Groom. This movie was introduced in 1997. There are many actors in this movie torrents, such as Michael Allen, Eliza Lovell, Leylah Love, Simon Bond, Bonnie-Jaye Lawrence, Zara Collins, Jennifer Ross, Joshua Missen, Katrina Missen, Kate Jenkin, Albert Colbert, Dinesh Sanders, Francis Welling, Robbie Hoad, Andy McPhee. The kind of movie are Romance. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 4.6 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie to watch. Enjoy this movies torrent and share to your friends . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Users reviews

Anni B (us)

I'm happy to be able to see a movie and relax for a few hours. I like Ricki, Brendan and Shirley in just about everything I see them in, and maybe not every movie has to be a huge blockbuster Academy award winning critically acclaimed breakout to be worthy of my time. Well, I liked it and that's all that mattered to me, and in fact have watched it a few times

Blake P (us)

Setting all problems aside, there's many moments of brilliance that eventually, outweigh the issues. But when we live in a world where movies don't even attempt to be as complex and real as this one, it's hard to even complain. If it was just a teeny bit shorter, "Les Petits Mouchoirs" could be perfect. Canet in turns directs with warmth, and in others, harsh realism. And when you have a "The Big Chill"-esque idea like this one, that's a very important component. Some of these people we like, and some of them we don't, but either way the actors pull off that task of really looking like friends. The characters are developed gradually, and in a way that makes them look flawed, maybe even giving us the idea that we'd see them walking down the street (even the eternally beautiful Cotillard looks a bit more normal here). All of the acting is terrific; these are wonderfully realized roles. Yet there's a tension that remains because we feel a sense of dread but we don't know when it's coming; we can't help but care because this group of friends are no different than most. But as we sit there expecting it, Canet makes us wait, and instead of everything happening abruptly, he takes his time, letting us get to know these characters, while letting them get to realize each others issues. In essence, these are all "little white lies", but how long can they last? Even from the beginning of "Les Petits Mouchoirs", you can tell something catastrophic is going to happen, whether or not a friendship ends or a misunderstanding gets out of control. Marie (Cotillard) still has feelings for Ludo; Vincent (Benot Magimel), who's married with two kids, can't help but tell Max that he has a crush on him; Eric (Gilles Lellouche) is dumped by his girlfriend but is too embarrassed to share; and Antoine (Laurent Lafitte) asks his friends for advice on how to win his girlfriend back but he won't share any big details. These friends have had such long, complex relationships that they can't seem to tell each other their true feelings, and so basically, everyone's lying to each other. But it's a problem. We don't think much of this-- after all, all of the friends seem like nice enough people, and as soon as we get a look at the beach house and the view, we're sucked in too. His large group of friends, all close for over a decade, become worried sick-- yet none of them can seem to sacrifice a beach vacation that Max (Cluzet) and his wife (Valrie Bonneton) offer every year. The film begins with Ludo (Dujardin) partying all night long, hopping on his motorcycle to go home, and then getting hit by a truck. Yet here it is. With Marion Cotillard and Franois Cluzet, two of France's top actors, in leading roles, and a supporting character played by Jean Dujardin (although he isn't in it too often), I never dreamed something like this would ever happen. If there were ever such thing as the perfect French ensemble, this film has it. Personally, I liked it, even though it's far from flawless. Clocking at about two-and-a-half hours with mostly just talking, some will like it, and some will hate it. After watching "Les Petits Mouchoirs", I should probably warn you that it's a journey

David P (es)

genie de Dupontel encore expos au grand public!Attention au enculs d'en face !!!. . . Que c'est grinant ,mais que c'est bon

Jim F (it)

Very sad how he ended up being shipped from pillar to post. Poor old Nim

LA L (fr)

Fantastic first chapter in the MCU. Jeff Bridges is great as the villain. is perfect as Tony Stark and the film itself is true to it's source. Robert Downey Jr. One of the best comic book adaptations I've ever seen

larry (au)

one best movies since dirty harry

Logan M (jp)

It has more than a fair share of exploitation, but thats the very idea this unnerving techno-reality mystery seeks to explore

Marilee A (jp)

Mae West, I think the word "Broad" was coined after her, cause in her words"I ain't no Lady", & she sure wasn't

Melodie C (ca)

You don't need to be a cricket fan to love and enjoy this film. Wonderful casting from Nagesh Kukunoor, everyone shines in this film, but Shreyas and Shweta outshine them all

Michael B (ru)

Solute to the spiders. How they trained them to do some of those parts is beyond my understanding. Honestly the spiders had to be the best actors in the film. The camera angles and shots were all good but other than that it was poorly executed. And don't ask me why his nick name was Rack because I was too busy dying of boredom to remember. Don't get me wrong the role of the smooth talking ladies man Robert "Rack" Hanson was perfect for Shatner seeing his other roles but the movie was just so terrible to watch. After seeing this though I began to wonder what his career was like in the 70s that he chose such a role in a very pathetic movie. William Shatner was once one of my favorite actors staring in things like Star Trek, Price line commercials, and some guest appearances on TV shows. The venomous blandness will slowly cause you to die of boredom as its poor dialogue and bad acting sucks out everything that that is good in your life for 97 long agenizing minuets. The Kingdom Of The Spiders traps you in a thick web of sadness and depression throughout the entire movie