D.K. Malhotra lives a comfortable lifestyle with his wife, Indu, and two school-going daughters, Pinky and Minni. He works in the office of an Architect. One day while the family is relaxing, D.K. gets a phone call that results in him bringing home a young school-going boy by the name of Rahul. Indu is shocked to learn that Rahul is D.K.'s son from another woman, Bhavana, who is no more. D.K. does his best to make Rahul comfortable, but fails. Rahul also feels that Indu does not really like him, though Pinky and Minni have taken to him in a big way. Finally, D.K. decides to admit Rahul in a boarding school in far off Nainital. Rahul reluctantly goes along with this new-found uncle/friend. It is when Rahul is asked to put his papers together for school that Rahul finds out that D.K. is his biological father. Watch what happens when Rahul disappears from D.K.'s house, and the impact this has on D.K., Indu, and her two daughters.

A happy family goes through turbulent times because of a big mistake by one of the family members. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Masoom torrent reviews

Lucia J (nl) wrote: a cute movie with a pretty actress. e' basta cosi.

Scott M (jp) wrote: This is a documentary, dealing in facts. It showed the common issues that teens deal with, like insecurities, stresses of growing up, and finding one's identity in the world. On the negative side, there were parts of American Teen that seemed too staged and contrived to feel spontaneous.

Leo L (ca) wrote: Great movie!! Great story plot. Phenomenal cast.

Jesse O (jp) wrote: This is a pretty damn good movie, all things considered. I mean it only becomes like that in the last act of the movie or so, when Jeanne's son gets out of prison. I think everything leading up to that, however, doesn't manage to stand out as much. I mean the movie is never bad, Gerard Depardieu and Patrick Dewaere have great chemistry with each other and it's definitely refreshing to see a movie, even if it's almost 40 years old, that treats its characters without much in the way of sentimentality. Hell the main characters are definitely easily unlikable, but the movie doesn't try to present them as anything other than that. It would be far more offensive if these men, who would do favors for women just so they can get laid, if the movie tried to make them into good and likable characters. At least whoever wrote the movie recognized that. Not to say there isn't many funny moments in the movie because there are, especially in the last act of the movie. The problem I have with the majority of the movie is that it seemed to be going nowhere for a lot of it. Yes these guys were on the run, but I don't think much of note happened. The one thing the movie did do, and I wasn't expecting it, is touch on the homosexual undertones between these two characters. It's only mentioned in one scene and never again, but at least they touched on it since you could've, and I did before that scene, made the assumption these guys had something with each other just in how the way they acted around women. But the movie could've used a bit shortening, maybe shave off 20 or so minutes, and you could've easily done that. Again the movie is definitely very good, despite it's rough start, I'd recommend it.

NarniaPirateHobbit E (kr) wrote: Tis one was interestin; but it wasn't that great...